Calling in Sick to Walmart? Policies Explained

Calling in sick to work is sometimes unavoidable due to illness or emergencies. Walmart is a large retailer. Unplanned employee absences disrupt store operations. Employees should understand policies on paid and unpaid leave. Employees need to know the procedures for calling in sick. Employees must know potential penalties for too many absences. This article explains Walmart’s call-in rules for 2024.

What to Do When Calling in Sick to Walmart?

When calling in sick to Walmart, first pick your method to report the absence. Either call 1-800-775-5944 or log into and report online. Make sure you have your WIN, date of birth, store number, and missed shift details available. Call or report online at least 3 hours before shift start time. Say you cannot work due to illness or emergency. Provide a confirmation number (if calling) or take a screenshot (if online). Know Walmart’s attendance policy. Unplanned missed shifts lead to points. Too many points bring consequences. Use available sick days or PTO if possible to avoid points.

Illness or emergency stops you working your shift. Quickly contact Walmart about missing the shift. By following proper notification procedures, you can cut disruptions and avoid unnecessary complications.

There are two main ways to report absences at Walmart:

  1. Phone: Call the dedicated Walmart Absence Reporting Line at 1-800-775-5944. This automated hotline is available 24/7 and allows you to report your absence verbally. Make sure to write down the confirmation number provided for your records.
  2. Online: Log in to Walmart’s employee portal, and navigate to the Time and Attendance section. Use the “Report an Absence” feature to submit details on your missed shift. The system will provide a confirmation receipt.

When reporting your absence, have the following information ready:

  • Walmart Identification Number (WIN)
  • Date of birth
  • Store number
  • Date/time of missed shift
  • Brief explanation (illness, emergency etc.)

Aim to report your absence at least 3 hours in advance of your scheduled start time. This provides the best opportunity for your manager to arrange shift coverage. While calling in sick to Walmart may seem simple, failing to follow proper procedures can result in disciplinary action.

Preparing to Call in Sick

With some advanced planning, reporting unexpected absences to Walmart can be straightforward. Follow these tips prior to calling in:

  • Confirm your work schedule and the exact shift timing that you will be missing.
  • Choose your preferred method of reporting: Phone hotline or online portal.
  • Have your WIN, date of birth and store number readily available.
  • Prepare a brief explanation related to your absence. Avoid sharing personal health details.
  • If possible, offer to help in finding a replacement or cover part of your shift.

When illness arises suddenly, calling early isn’t always feasible. However, making the effort to promptly notify your manager shows professionalism and consideration.

Procedures for Reporting Absence

Walmart offers employees two reliable methods to report absences. Choose the option that best suits your needs.

Reporting By Phone The Walmart Absence Reporting Hotline allows you to quickly report absences 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, reaching a live person directly may require calling during manager office hours.

  • Dial 1-800-775-5944
  • Follow voice prompts to enter your WIN, DOB and store location.
  • Briefly state your reason for absence.
  • Note down the confirmation number.

Reporting Online The OneWalmart employee portal offers secure online reporting of missed shifts. This allows precise record-keeping accessible 24/7.

  • Login at
  • Navigate to “Time and Attendance”
  • Select “Report an Absence”
  • Enter details on missed shift
  • Submit your absence report

Regardless of method, aim to report at least 3 hours prior to your scheduled start time. Save documentation of submitted reports for reference.

Walmart’s Time-Off Policies

Sometimes workers miss shifts. Workers must know Walmart’s paid leave rules. Workers must understand vacation and sick day accruals.

Walmart hourly workers earn Paid Time Off. PTO covers vacations, illness, and personal matters. PTO amount depends on years employed. But, calling out unexpectedly still requires prompt notification to management.

Accrual Rates:

  • Less than 2 years = 1 hour per 30 hours worked
  • Between 2-5 years = 1 hour per 40 hours worked
  • Over 5 years = 1 hour per 43 hours worked

*Rates above are for full-time employees

Some accrued PTO is “protected” time. “Protected” PTO covers last minute illness without disciplinary points.

State Paid Sick Leave Laws Several US states have enacted laws requiring employers like Walmart to provide paid sick leave. Eligibility and amounts vary based on location. Check with your HR department to confirm if paid sick leave regulations apply to your store.

Failed reporting of missed shifts causes “points”. Each absence equals “points”. Get four points in six months – disciplinary action occurs. Coaching and discipline process starts.

Extended Absences and Medical Leave

You may need extended time off work for health reasons. Or to care for a family member. Walmart has Leave of Absence options. Apply for formal Leave of Absence. Up to 12 weeks leave available.

Medical leaves include intermittent breaks. Or reduced schedules or longer continuous time off. Tailor leave as needed.

Applying for Leave To start an extended medical leave, follow these steps:

  • Notify Manager of expected absence
  • Contact Sedgwick Claims Management (Walmart LOA Administrator)
  • Submit completed application forms
  • Provide required medical certification paperwork

Once leave approved, job stays protected. Approved leave protects job for authorized duration. Reduces stress during difficult times.

Role of FMLA at Walmart

The Family Medical Leave Act protects jobs. It covers qualifying health conditions. Get up to 12 weeks of job-protected leave. FMLA provides long leave options. Maintains employment status during absence.

Qualifying for FMLA To qualify for job protected FMLA leave, you must:

  • Be employed at Walmart for 12 months
  • Have worked a minimum 1,250 hours in past 12 months

If absence goes beyond 3 days, get FMLA forms. Ask doctor for paperwork outlining medical facts. Submit completed forms to Sedgwick Claims Management within 15 days.

Chronic health issues cause recurring absences. “Intermittent leave” options exist. Lets you take brief, repeated time off. Still protects your job status. Reduced schedules or flexible options available. Without risking employment.

Contact Sedgwick for eligibility evaluation if your health requires ongoing accommodation. Get all supporting medical documentation in place before submitting the request.

Pitfalls and Best Practices

When calling in sick to Walmart, keep these potential pitfalls and best practices in mind:

Late Call-Ins Ideally, report absences ASAP and with at least 3 hours’ notice. Calling in late risks points. Even if good reason for lateness. Points trigger coaching sessions. Walmart discipline process starts. Lateness causes written warnings. Per company guidelines.

If you have accrued PTO, use it. Using PTO prevents attendance points. PTO covers last minute illness and emergencies. However, repeated call-ins deplete your PTO bank.

Honest Communication Avoid elaborating on personal health details beyond necessity. Simple “I’m sick and unable to work my shift” will suffice in most cases. But, be honest about expected duration if multi-day absence anticipated.

Long medical leave may be needed for hospitalization or recovery. Get FMLA forms from your doctor right away. Qualifies you for up to 12 weeks job-protected leave. Gives extra coverage if absence lasts more than expected initially. Knowing your rights provides peace of mind.

Consistent track your attendance points accrual. Reach out to HR with any questions. Being proactive helps avoid disciplinary actions for exceeding maximum allowable points.


Review some common questions Walmart employees have about calling in sick procedures below.

Who do I notify about call-ins?

Report absences directly either through the 1-800 call center or online portal based on your personal preference. Most instances don’t need notifying your direct supervisor.

Can I call-in without my WIN number?

No. Need your Walmart ID number when calling in sick. It verifies who you are for proper documents of the missed shift.

What is the earliest/latest I can call out sick?

Aim to provide at least 3 hours advance notice, if possible. But, call-ins are permitted up until one hour after your scheduled start time.

Does Walmart offer any paid sick time?

Walmart offers “protected” PTO to employees. “Protected” PTO covers illness without attendance points. The number of protected PTO hours allocated depends on years of service.

In some locations, paid sick leave may also be available if required by state or local statute. Check with your HR for specific details based on where your store is located.


Missing work due to illness or emergency can happen despite best intentions. If you need to call in sick to Walmart, follow proper call-in protocols. This avoids unnecessary issues from improper notification.

Understand paid and unpaid time off policies. Also know extended medical leave procedures. Consistent tracking and responsible communication provides confidence in managing difficult situations.

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