How Does Tire Installation Work at Walmart? 2024 Guide

Getting new tires can be frustrating on research brands and shops. Prices. Then often bait-and-switch once quoted. You show up when convenient for them, not you. Walmart has 3,500+ Auto Care Centers with certified techs across America. This makes getting new tires easy. Appointments work for your schedule at fair prices. All major tire brands and expert service gives peace of mind.

This guide covers Walmart’s tire installation services. It lists cost per tire and add-ons available. You will know expected spending, including any hidden fees. Pricing comparisons with national and local shops show the best value. Online booking and budget packages for any car make service convenient. Getting new tires through Walmart is much like grocery shopping inside. The process is simple and affordable. Your car gets new shoes easily.

How Does Tire Installation Work at Walmart?

Technicians lift vehicle, demount old tires and dispose properly. Inspect wheels, make minor repairs. Expertly mount and balance new tires, install new valve stems. Use torque wrench to tighten lugs to spec for safety. Rotate tires if Value package. Conduct quality checks ensuring proper seating on rims before relowering vehicle. Walmart’s certified staff handles the process. It usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. It goes smoothly if you buy tires there. Or bring your own new tires from elsewhere. If bringing existing tires, call ahead to confirm external tire acceptance and pricing.

Will Walmart install tires not purchased there?

Yes, most Walmart Auto Care Centers do accept external tires purchased elsewhere for installation. But, it’s important to call ahead to verify with your specific location.

What You Need To Know:

  • Expect to pay $20 per tire for basic mounting and installation of external tires. This covers mount/balance/valve stems.
  • Added services like lifetime rotations, nitrogen fills, or road hazard warranty will cost extra per tire if desired.
  • Not all tire brands and types can be installed. Provide size specs and tire brand when calling for acceptance.
  • Tires must be in new/unused condition with adequate tread depth remaining for safety.
  • Pricing is generally $5-10 higher per tire than Walmart’s rate for installing tires bought on-site.
  • Walmart+ membership free flat repair does not apply to external tires. But other warranties can sometimes be honored.

Understanding Walmart’s Tire Installation Services

Walmart provides two tire installation packages. They also offer additional services per request. This covers different budgets and needs. It gives customers flexibility.

What Services Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart Auto Care Centers take the guesswork out of tire services with clearly defined options:

Basic Tire Installation

  • Cost per tire: $15
  • Services included:
  • Mounting of new tires purchased at Walmart or existing tires
  • Lifetime balancing
  • Lifetime tire rotation when tires bought at Walmart
  • New valve stems
  • Free 50-mile re-torque service

Ideal for a straightforward new tire mounting without extras. Suitable for most drivers seeking just a basic tire replacement.

Value Tire Installation

  • Cost per tire: $30
  • Services included:
  • All services in Basic package
  • Nitrogen tire inflation
  • Tire rotation every 5,000 miles
  • Lifetime tire repair
  • Free brake and vehicle inspection

The better option for safety and maximizing new tire lifespans. Gives peace of mind knowing tires are routinely checked and maintained.

Additional Services

  • Road Hazard Warranty – $10-$15 per tire
  • Wheel alignment – $70-$100
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) reset – $20-$40

Prices vary by location. Ask about coupons and current promotions.

The Walmart Basic vs. Value Tire Installation Package

Deciding between Walmart’s Basic or Value tire installation depends on individual priorities:

Basic – Ideal for buyers needing a puncture repaired or new tires mounted without extras.

Value – Appeals to drivers prioritizing tire maintenance and longevity through proactive servicing. Worth spending a little more upfront for safety and performance.

Costs Associated with Walmart Tire Installation

Walmart Tire Installation Cost: Breaking It Down

When budgeting for new tires at Walmart, here are the typical service costs:

  • Basic Installation – $15 per tire
  • Value Installation – $30 per tire
  • Road Hazard Warranty – $10-$15 per tire
  • Alignment – $70-$100 total
  • TPMS Reset – $20-$40 total

Note extra fees may apply for premium tire brands, larger wheel sizes, additional warranty coverage and services.

How Does Walmart’s Pricing Compare with Other Providers?

Here is an overview of costs. It compares Walmart tire installation. It looks at national chains and local mechanics too. Walmart competes with other providers on pricing. We compare their tire installation rates. This gives you good cost perspective.

ServiceWalmartLocal GarageMajor Retail Chains
Basic Installation$15/tire$20-$25/tire$20-$30/tire
Value Installation$30/tireN/A$35-$45/tire
Road Hazard Warranty$10-$15/tireVaries$15-$25/tire
TPMS Reset$20-$40$20-$50$30-$60

Walmart pricing matches or beats most competitors, especially for bundled value services. But, local shops can sometimes undercut costs.

Appointment and Tire Purchase Process

Scheduling Your Tire Installation at Walmart

Customers can easily book Walmart tire installation appointments:


Visit to select your store, services, date and time. Log in or create an account to save vehicle information for convenience.

By Phone

Call your local Walmart Auto Care Center. Speak to a customer service representative. They can schedule installation appointments. It is based on your vehicle and budget. And also shop availability.

Helpful Tips:

  • Allow lead time for appointments during peak Spring and Fall seasons
  • Have vehicle make, model, year and service preference handy
  • Opt-in for text alerts to receive updates about appointment status

Can I Buy Tires Online at

Absolutely! Walmart offers several ways to purchase tires online:


  • Input vehicle information to see tires guaranteed to fit
  • Filter by brand, tire type, review ratings
  • Select tires and complete checkout

Mobile App

  • Use the Automotive section to shop tires and wheels
  • View 360-degree tire images and detailed specifications
  • Pay conveniently through the app

Once purchased, select free home delivery or in-store pickup during checkout. Tires shipped to stores can be installed right away by scheduling your fitting at a local Auto Care Center. This saves an extra trip!

Walmart’s Tire Center: What You Need To Know

How To Buy Tires at Walmart

Purchasing tires at any Walmart store is simple:

In-Store Process

  • Consult technicians at the Auto Care Center.
  • Explain vehicle make and model plus your driving habits.
  • Choose suggested tires matching your ride and needs
  • Schedule installation appointment for earliest convenience

Helpful Tips

Bring vehicle registration with you. Take notes on tire sizes recommended for your car. Also note brands technicians suggest as best. Ask to see sample tires in person. Read feature descriptions to understand differences. Doing this makes selecting new tires much easier.

Remember, purchasing together with installation allows you to drive away on new tires without a return trip.

Walmart’s Return And Exchange Policy For Tires

To shop for tires worry-free, Walmart offers confidence through their return policy:


  • Unused tires can be returned within 45 days of purchase with original receipt.
  • No returns allowed once tires are installed due to safety reasons.


  • Uninstalled tires can be exchanged for a different compatible size or brand.
  • Pricing/fees are adjusted accordingly


  • Defects in materials or workmanship are covered. The standard manufacturer warranty applies. Or Walmart offers their own coverage. Walmart provides a 45-day Limited Warranty. It serves as a backup option if needed. This protects against factory issues. Both warranties replace defective tires for free.

When shopping, double check tire specifications match your vehicle. Keep receipts handy for peace of mind.

Making the Most of Your Walmart Tire Installation

The Basic and Value installations cover the essentials. But Walmart offers more to consider. These extras promote safety and savings. Additional services include road hazard protection. This covers tires damaged by potholes or debris. Alignment and tire rotation services are also available. These maintain good performance and lifespan. Ask about bundles to maximize convenience.

  • Road Hazard Protection – Covers tire repairs/replacement from road damage for only $10-$15 per tire.
  • Lifetime Alignment – Maintain tire health through adjustments as needed, $70-$100
  • Tire Rotation Reminders – Save 5-10% on cost per rotation when buying a package in advance

Purchasing together bundles services at a discount. Ask about current promotions on additional lifetime offerings for more savings!

Customer Experiences with Walmart Tire Installation

Many drivers seek new tires affordably. Walmart Auto Care Centers appeal to them. The centers offer convenience and budget prices. Reviews show customers praise Walmart. Easy and fast scheduling capability is well-liked. Their certified technicians complete work as estimated. This happens 85% of the time per reviews. Customers can get new tires without breaking the bank.

However, customer experiences do vary somewhat. Walmart has over 3,500 US locations. Each location differs in wait times and staff helpfulness. Busy periods affect some stores more than others. Customers may wait longer at some locations. Staff attentiveness also fluctuates during rush times. Experiences depend on specific store and timing.

Some customers report upselling attempts for unnecessary add-ons. Issues rarely surface on actual installation quality if requesting only basics.

On the whole, choosing less crowded times of day and avoiding peak season generally increase satisfaction rates. Also, researching your specific neighborhood Walmart’s feedback helps pick the right fit.

FAQs about Walmart Tire Installation

What are Walmart’s seasonal tire sales periods?

Walmart tire offers fluctuate all year. But the most sales happen Fall and Spring. Fall sales occur October and November. Spring sales happen March and April. These align with winter and summer tire changes. During these peak seasons, expect more discounts. These apply to tires and installations.

Does Walmart offer tire installation coupons?

Yes, Walmart posts periodic discounts on services including installations and lifetime plans. Find offers on their website Special Offers page or via email promotional alerts.

What does Road Hazard Protection cover?

Road Hazard Protection helps with replacements. It applies if new tires become unfixable. Damage must be from potholes or road debris. The protection covers a percentage cost of new tires. Reimbursement depends on your specific plan terms. Make sure to review all terms and limitations. Some restrictions are in place on claims.


Walmart has certified technicians performing installations. Their pricing beats most major tire retailers. With over 3,500 store locations nationwide, Walmart leads for convenience. They remain a top pick for fast service. Their tire installation costs are typically affordable. Combining certified staff, low prices and ample locations, Walmart is convenient choice.

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