How Much to Rent a Carpet Cleaner at Walmart? 2024 Guide

Keeping carpets fresh and clean can be a challenging task. Moreover those who life with kids, pets, and heavy foot traffic in a home. Vacuuming alone often doesn’t cut it when tackling deep-set stains. Also embedded dirt and dust mites. So, having access to a powerful carpet cleaning machine can make all the difference.

However, not everyone can justify purchasing an expensive carpet cleaner outright. especially if you only need it a few times a year. This is where renting a carpet cleaner comes in as an affordable and convenient solution. But where exactly can you rent one, and how much does it cost?

How Much to Rent a Carpet Cleaner at Walmart?

Walmart offers convenient self-service Rug Doctor carpet cleaner rentals. Customers can access it through kiosks located at the front of most stores. As of 2023, standard rental rates are $29.99 for a 24-hour rental period or $39.99 for a 48-hour rental. Specialty spot cleaner rentals are also available for $19.99 for a 4-hour rental. Rental costs can vary slightly by specific model chosen. The basic Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner rents for the base 24 and 48 hour rates listed above. Higher-end models like the Rug Doctor Professional X3 rents for $10 more per day. So, your total rental cost will range from $30-$65+ depending on machine, and rental duration. Accessories and if any extra fees incurred.

Additional charges may also apply:

  • Cleaning solutions – $10-$25 per bottle
  • Upholstery tools/attachments – $5-$15 each
  • Late return fees – Varies based on delay

Be sure to read all rental terms and operating guidelines to avoid surprise charges.

Why Rent a Carpet Cleaner? The Key Benefits

Renting a carpet cleaner is a smart choice for several reasons:

  • Cost-Effective: Renting is significantly cheaper than buying a machine. Hiring professional cleaners every time need also waste.
  • Access Powerful Cleaning: Rental machines offer strong suction and deep cleaning solutions. So it is perfect for revitalizing carpets.
  • Tackle Stubborn Stains: Their specialized formulas dissolve and lift. Even set-in stains and pet accidents.
  • Improve Air Quality: Thorough cleaning removes trapped allergens, dust mites, and odors.
  • Convenience: Easy to access rentals as needed rather than storing a machine long-term.

So if you want to deeply refresh your carpets without spending a fortune, renting is certainly the way to go.

Carpet Cleaner Rental Cost Breakdown

How prices are set and how to get the best deals

Several key factors determine carpet cleaner rental costs:

Types of Rental Rates

Rental pricing structures include:

  • Hourly rates
  • Daily rates
  • Weekend packages
  • Weekly discounts
  • Monthly bundles

Longer rental duration typically provides better value. Consider timing needs.

Cost Impacting Factors

Rental prices vary based on:

  • Machine type: Standard vs steam
  • Model: Basic vs self-propelled
  • Brand: Rug Doctor, Hoover etc.
  • Store: Big box vs specialty outlets
  • Accessories: Tools, cleaning solutions etc.
  • Cleaning square footage needs
  • Seasonal demand fluctuations
Machine TypeAverage Cost
Standard$25-$50 per day
Steam$60-$125+ per day

Finding the Best Deal

Strategies to save:

  • Compare rental quotes across stores
  • Look for seasonal promotions
  • Opt for mid-week rentals
  • Bundle accessories upfront
  • Leverage coupons and loyalty rewards

Prices vary widely. So compare options and look for deals for the most affordable DIY carpet cleaning.

Professional vs DIY: Cost Comparison

Should you rent or hire experts? We break it down.

ConsiderationDIY RentalProfessional Cleaning
Average Cost$30-$100$100-$250 
Cleaning TypeStandard/steamTruckmount extraction
ConvenienceClean on own timelineWait for availability 
ExpertiseSelf-administeredYears of experience
AccessoriesRental model limitationsSpecialized equipment 
RisksPotential carpet damageVirtually none

When DIY Rental Makes Sense

  • Tight budget constraints
  • Only light stains to tackle
  • Want control over cleaning schedule/process

When to Hire Professionals

  • Heavily soiled carpets
  • Want trucksmount cleaning standards
  • Unsure about machine operation
  • Seek perfect results without hassles

Assess carpet condition, skill level and budget. These factors are essential to decide between renting and professional services.

Expanded Machine Comparison

How Rug Doctor and other rental models stack up

Below we provide an expanded feature comparison across popular carpet cleaner rental models:

MachineTank CapacityCleaning Path WidthWeightKey FeaturesIdeal For
Rug Doctor Mighty Pro3.9 gallons10 inches43 lbsSuper Boost spray, dual cross brushesStandard cleaning needs
Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner3.9 gallons12 inches46 lbsDual rotating brushes, upholstery toolHeavy traffic areas
Rug Doctor Professional X74.1 gallons12 inches46 lbsPowerful vacuum suction, self propelledExtremely dirty carpets
Bissell Big Green Cleaner2.62.5 gallons10 inches49 lbs6 brush rows, builtin carrying handleOlder, delicate carpets
Hoover Power Dash1 gallon11 inches20 lbsCompact lightweight model, antimicrobial protectionApartments, small homes

Match tank capacity, cleaning path, and machine size. Then the unique features and ideal usage to carpet size and condition. Consult rental outlets for recommendations.

When Should You Buy vs Rent?

We explore the differences in-depth

Below we dive deeper on key renting vs buying considerations:

Upfront CostsSmall rental feeHundreds of dollars for machine
Recurring CostsEach rental periodOnly cleaning solutions 
ConvenienceEasy pickup and returnNeed storage space
AccessoriesUsually basicCan buy specialty tools
CareNot your concernMust maintain properly
Frequency of UseIdeal for 1-2 times a yearBest for frequent cleaning needs
Skill LevelSome technique requiredLearning curve to operate properly
RisksPotential fees from improper use/damageIf stopped working, wasted investment

When Buying Outright Makes Sense

For homes with:

  • Regular heavy cleaning needs – pets, kids etc.
  • Large carpeted square footage
  • Willingness to learn machine maintenance
  • Ample storage space

Renting works well for 1-2 times a year. Frequent cleaning needs make buying more worthwhile long-term.

Rental Cost Comparison With Other Stores

How does Walmart pricing hold up against other national chains?

Here’s how Walmart carpet cleaner rental rates compare against Home Depot and Lowe’s:

Machine TypeWalmartHome DepotLowe’s
Standard Cleaner$29/day$32/day$47/day
Steam Cleaner$39/day$49/day$74/day

Walmart offers the most affordable standard carpet cleaner rentals. While Home Depot edges them out slightly on steam cleaner pricing.

This can vary by region though, so be sure to get quotes specific to your local stores.

Self-Service Rental vs Staff Help

We compare the pros and cons of both

Walmart offers convenient self-service rental kiosks for Rug Doctor carpet cleaners. The checkout and returns facilitated completely independently.

Alternatively, specialty rental stores like Home Depot provide additional staff guidance. But, they may charge slightly higher fees.

ConsiderationSelf-Service KioskStaff Helped
ConvenienceAvailable 24/7Store opening hours only 
GuidanceDIY processGet machine recommendations 
AvailabilityFirst come first serveMay need reservations
Rental RatesLowerSlightly higher
RisksOperating errorsVirtually none

Choose rental method based on needs – fully self-service for independence. Or staff guidance for those wanting input.

Cleaning Solutions – Buy vs Rent?

Below we compare decisions around cleaning solutions:

ConveniencePart of rental bundleMake separate purchase
CostPay per rental periodCheaper per oz buying own 
Specialized FormulasTypically only basic/universal solutionsWide variety of spotting formulas
StorageNot applicableMust store properly between uses 
OptionsWhatever rental providesBuy your preferred solutions

Rent for simplicity, buy for greater selection and cost savings from specialized formulas.

Payment & Reservation Convenience

How Walmart improves the rental experience

Walmart offers convenient online reservations for Rug Doctor rentals with flexible payment methods:

  • Secure online rental reservations
  • Pay online or in-store
  • Accepts credit cards, Walmart gift cards, cash
  • Email notifications on status
  • Hourly reservation reminders

This allows you to seamlessly book rentals online. Then head to the store for a quick, automated pickup using your chosen payment method.

Step-by-Step DIY Cleaning

Best practices for carpet care success

Below are some best practices when tackling DIY carpet cleaning:

Pre-Cleaning Checklist

[x] Vacuum thoroughly [x] Precondition heavily soiled areas [x] Fill machine tanks properly [x] Attach hose, accessories securely

Methodical Cleaning Steps

  1. Divide carpet into sections
  2. Clean systematically zone by zone
  3. Apply solutions evenly per grain
  4. Never oversaturate carpets
  5. Make additional focused stain passes
  6. Rinse and extract thoroughly

Post-Cleaning Tips

  • Flush out rented machine tanks & hoses
  • Allow sufficient drying time
  • Use drying fans to speed things up
  • Inspect while still damp for any leftover residue
  • Schedule professional cleaning if results unsatisfactory

Following these simple guidelines will lead to dramatically refreshed carpets. So, rental without any hassles or damage.

Wrap Up: Key Takeaways

We hope this comprehensive DIY carpet cleaning guide gave you clarity. So you are confidence to renting from Walmart.

The key pointers to remember are:

  • Compare total rental costs across stores for best rates
  • Carefully evaluate your unique cleaning requirements
  • Leverage Walmart’s convenient reservation system
  • Pick Rug Doctor model suited for carpets and skill level
  • Budget for any additional accessories or solutions
  • Determine ideal rental duration based on scope
  • Follow best practices when operating equipment
  • Assess rental vs purchase based on cleaning frequency

These insights can tackle stubborn stains, and revitalize dingy carpets. Breathe life into high footfall areas without overspending. Just run through the rental checklist before a rewarding DIY cleaning experience.

Have any other carpet cleaner rental questions? Let us know!

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