How to Get a Passport Photo at Walmart? New Guidelines

Getting a passport photo is an important part of the passport application process. With over 4,700 locations in the United States, Walmart makes getting passport photos fast, convenient and affordable. This article provides a detailed guide on navigating Walmart’s passport photo services. So, how how get the photo for passport at Walmart?

How to Get a Passport Photo at Walmart?

To get a passport photo at Walmart, you have two options. First, Visit an in-store photo center at a Walmart Supercenter during operating hours. Then, have your photo taken by an associate for $10-$15. Second option, upload your own compliant digital photo through the Walmart Photo website. Choose in-store pickup or home delivery for a similar cost. Ensure any self-provided photos meet all passport requirements.

The Basics of Walmart’s Passport Photo Services

Walmart provides convenient passport photo services, with options for both in-store and online. This gives customers flexibility on how to obtain compliant photos for their passport.

Walmart Passport Photo Cost in 2024

In-store: Typically $10-$15 for two printed passport photos. The exact base cost varies slightly by location but averages around $7.99 – $12.99 for two official passport photos printed on high quality Kodak paper. Most Walmart one-hour photo centers have competitive pricing very close to this range. Additional photos on the same print order are usually cheaper. A set of 2 prints costs $12.99 each. Buying 4 prints together costs $14.96 total. This saves money compared to multiple set purchases. Walmart offers value pricing vs third-parties.

Online upload: Similar base price range of $10-$15 for two printed and delivered photos. Adding more photos may reduce the per-item cost incrementally. Online ordering costs about the same as in-store. Ordering online lets you get all your prints at once. You skip multiple store visits by ordering online. Digital delivery allows ordering photos in batches. This allows consolidated shipping and maximizes value per print

DIY option: Print your own photos from the Walmart app passport photo template for $0.12 per 4″x6″ sheet. Each sheet fits four passport photos. Print your own photos from the Walmart app for $0.48. Get 2 passport photos per 4″ x 6″ sheet. Use Walmart’s self-serve photo kiosks. For budget prints, follow guidelines precisely. Print extra copies in case of any errors. Overall though, just $0.48 complete out of pocket for reference-grade passport pictures is tough to beat!

Where to Find Walmart Photo Centers

  • Visit the Walmart store locator and filter by “Photo Center” under “Services”.
  • Not all locations have in-store photo centers so verify availability beforehand.

Time Frame to Receive Passport Photos

  • In-store: Get printed photos within minutes.
  • Online: Pick up in-store within 24 hours or receive home delivery within 3-5 business days.

Walmart Passport Photo Process

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of getting passport photos at Walmart:

Using Walmart for Digital and Printed Passport Photos

Get passport photos taken quickly at Walmart stores. Or upload your own compliant digital picture. Printed photos picked up for about $10-$15 either way. Walmart offers in-store, online uploads, DIY templates, here are the details:

In-store service:

  • Visit any Walmart Supercenter with a photo center
  • Get your photo taken by an associate
  • Receive printed photos within minutes, typically for $10-$15
  • Have a valid ID ready for age verification

Online upload:

  • Ensure your digital photo meets all requirements
  • Upload on Walmart Photo website
  • Choose in-store pickup or delivery
  • Pay $10-$15 for two printed photos

DIY printing:

  • Use Walmart app to access photo template
  • Print 4″x6″ sheet yourself for just $0.12 per sheet

Walmart’s Passport Photo Requirements

Walmart adheres to federal government passport photo rules. Here are the rules:

  • Background must be basic white or pale blue. No textures or distracting elements.
  • Facial expression should look neutral. No smiling or frowning at camera.
  • Eyes must be open, directed forward.
  • Head and shoulders should align centered.
  • Take up about two-thirds of the photo frame.
  • Refer to State Department website for all specifics.
  • Photos must display your full head. From chin to top of head.
  • Hats okay only for documented medical/religious reasons.
  • No sunglasses, uniforms, or camouflage clothing.
  • Some piercings/tattoos are permitted if face is visible.
  • Parents can hold infants upright in the frame.
  • Crop photos tightly post-capture to meet requirements.
  • Applicants hold final responsibility for rule compliance.
  • Double check guidelines to prevent rejection.

For full details refer to the State Department website.

Remember – the applicant holds final responsibility for regulation compliance.

Comparing Walmart to Other Passport Photo Options

How does Walmart compare to other places for passport photos? Here is an overview:

Smartphone Apps and Online Verification Services

  • Smartphone apps like ItsEasy Passport Photo take photos at home and use AI to verify compliance.
  • Online verification services like PhotoAiD® review user-uploaded photos against requirements.
  • Cost is $7.99-$15 for digital photo plus review.
  • Provides convenience without leaving home.

DIY Passport Photo Alternatives

  • Downloadable templates allow printing your own photos at home.
  • Online photo services offer tools for creating compliant photos.
  • Can be free (templates) or low-cost ($5-$15 for packages).
  • Convenient DIY option but requires diligence.

Walmart vs. USPS vs. PhotoAiD®

Ultimately consider your priorities regarding convenience, cost savings, and assured regulation compliance.

Tips for Success at Walmart Photo Centers

Follow these tips to get great passport photos at Walmart:

Perfecting Your Passport Photo

  • Wear neutral colored clothing.
  • Maintain a natural, relaxed facial expression.
  • Ensure eyes are fully visible.
  • Posture should be upright with head straight.
  • Lighting should be bright and even.

Using Mobile Devices for Walmart Passport Photos

Unfortunately, mobile devices cannot be used directly for Walmart passport photos. In-store staff use specific regulated photo equipment and backdrop screens.

Apps like PhotoAiD work with phones. They guide you to take compliant photos. Then print those at Walmart.

Additional Walmart Photo Center Services

Beyond passport photos, Walmart photo kiosks also offer:

  • Printing images from social media, cloud storage, flash drives, etc.
  • Creating customized photo books, cards, calendars, mugs and more.
  • Editing and enhancing photos
  • Scanning and copying documents
  • Building photo collages

So take advantage of everything Walmart photo centers provide during your next visit!


Here are answers to some asked questions about Walmart passport photos:

What is the photo quality and compliance guarantee?

Walmart uses professional photo lab equipment so quality is generally good. But, you hold responsibility for compliance. So, double check the government passport photo requirements.

What are requirements for baby passport photos?

The photo guidelines are identical for babies as they are for adults. Infants under 1 year old can have their passport picture taken at Walmart. The best approach is having a parent or guardian hold the baby in an upright seated position during the photo. The adult’s hands can gently cradle or brace the child for support and stability. The baby’s full face must be visible. The adult should not cover the face. Keep the eyes open and facial expression neutral. Correct framing shows the entire head centered in the frame plus the shoulders below. Lighting, focus, background color and other specifications match the standard governmental passport regulations.

How long is the photo pick-up duration for online orders?

Online orders allow choosing either in-store pickup or home delivery. For pickup, processing is complete in less than 24 hours after placing your order. Go to the chosen Walmart store for pickup. Check in at the photo department counter. The system will already have them prepared for fast collection when you arrive. If opting for home delivery, the turnaround time is 3-5 business days before your order ships from the nearest Walmart print facility. Weekends and holidays do not count as business days in this window. Once mailed, delivery takes 1-5 days depending on carrier and location. Total home delivery time is 4-10 business days. That’s from completing the online order to photos arriving at your address.

Can mobile devices be used directly for prints?

Phones can’t directly take Walmart passport photos. Passport photos need professional gear. Associates know this specialized equipment. Store kiosks print recreational mobile photos instead. But those non-standard images are not legal for passports without modification. Instead, third parties like PhotoAiD offer mobile apps to guide DIY photo capture. Those can be compliance-verified before printing it at Walmart photo kiosks. So phones allow convenient approved pictures, through robust external verification apps. Then customers can digitally transfer those ready images to bring to Walmart for accessory prints.

Final Thoughts

This guide explains Walmart’s passport photo options. Walmart offers convenient in-store and online services. Prices are affordable compared to alternatives. They deliver quick prints without appointments needed. Carefully verify all personal photos meet latest government passport rules.

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