How to Order Cakes at Costco? Can’t Online.

As we plan celebrations, Costco cakes promise affordable options to please guests. But, their ordering process contrasts typical bakeries. In this guide, we unravel the differences to order their affordable cakes. Costco cakes come in classic flavors. Popular decorations allow slight customization. Streamlined store pickup differs from other bakeries. For many celebrations, their simple but quality, affordable cakes satisfy crowds.

How does Costco cake order work?

Costco cakes must be ordered in-store, with a paper form, not online. The exception is Costco UK where customer can do it online. Select cake type and decorations from their limited styles. Write custom message if desired, choose pickup date at least 48 hrs out. Provide your information, and place slip in designated bakery box. Return at that date/time to collect your cake. Total cost runs about $18-$40 depending on size and design. Simple flavors, frostings and decor let you feed large gatherings on a budget.

Why Choose Costco for Cakes?

Costco cakes promise delicious value worth exploring for gatherings big and small. There are three compelling reasons to choose their budget friendly creations:


Costco cake prices are much lower than specialty bakeries, even for large sheet cakes. Their generous servings easily feed dozens of people, leaving you with delicious leftovers.


Go-to choices include classic chocolate and vanilla sheet cakes. Additionally, seasonal offerings like carrot or pumpkin appear based on holiday. Menu also covers specialty cakes ranging from chocolate Tuxedo to sweet, creamy cheesecakes.

Large Portions

One Costco sheet cake feeds over 50 people. Buying their large cakes prevents purchasing multiples from other bakeries. For big gatherings, value comes from serving whole crowds. Overall, huge quantities make them budget-options to feed hordes.

What Kinds of Cakes Does Costco Offer?

Costco offers fewer cake types than specialty bakeries. Their focus stays on classic chocolate and vanilla sheets cakes. Despite limited options, these remain far cheaper than custom decorator creations.

Sheet Cakes

Sheet cakes are Costco’s cake staples. Choose either chocolate or vanilla layers. These feature mousse fillings with buttercream frosting topping.

Specialty Cakes

Go beyond basic sheets for more variety. Opt for Tuxedo Cake, boasting decadent chocolate ganache atop layers of chocolate sponge cake and mousse. Or try smooth, creamy New York-style Cheesecake in a graham cracker crust. Another option includes Mini Carrot Cakes. These present as individual round carrot cakes with creamy cheese frosting.

Seasonal Offerings

Additionally, be on the lookout for seasonal specials. Limited flavored cakes release seasonally. Strawberry comes in summer months. Pumpkin spice features in fall. Additional holiday shapes materialize like Valentine hearts or graduation caps. Though not permanent, these specialty seasonal cakes supplement classic offerings.

How to Order Cakes at Costco

Unlike most bakeries, Costco relies on an in-store ordering process rather than online ordering. Here are your options:

In-Store Orders

This is the standard method for most locations.

  • Head to the bakery counter
  • Fill out an order form with cake type, decorations, custom message, pickup date/time and your contact details
  • Drop form in designated bakery slot
  • Return at chosen date/time for pickup

Custom Orders

While full customization isn’t available, you can select decorations and add a message.

  • Choose pre-designed decorations like flowers, balloons
  • Request a short inscription for the occasion
  • Consider specialty cakes for more variety

Call Your Local Costco

In some cases, you may be able to call ahead to ask about order availability or options.

No matter how you choose to order, be sure to plan at least 48 hours in advance. Costco’s cakes are made fresh, not stocked.

Navigating Costco’s Cake Menu

Costco offers a simple cake menu, not specialty extravagance. They use quality ingredients to bake classic flavors well. Explore their straightforward flavors, fillings and decor to appreciate the tasty basics.

Cake Flavors

Costco’s sheet cakes feature rich chocolate or sweet vanilla with quality ingredients. Also watch for limited seasonal cakes. Flavors include popular pumpkin spice in fall months. Around winter holidays limited carrot cake is offered too.

These special cakes bring flavored variety a few times yearly.

Frostings and Fillings

Costco tops cakes with smooth, creamy buttercream frosting for added sweetness. Chocolate cake gets chocolate buttercream. Vanilla cake gets vanilla buttercream. For decadence between moist layers, there’s chocolate or cheesecake mousse fillings. Chocolate is richer. Cheesecake gives a subtle tang. Their New York cheesecake and mini carrot cakes highlight cream cheese frosting too.

Decorative Designs

Costco prioritizes quality over lavish decorations. But they offer charming touches to make basics special. Opt for hand-piped borders, rosette flowers or festive balloons. Match motifs to your occasion. Graduation cakes may feature colors and cap accents. Simple writing can personalize with names and messages.

Costco Cake Pricing: Delicious Deals

From sheet cakes to specialty options, Costco cakes are cheaper than traditional bakeries.

Sheet Cakes

  • Quarter sheet (serves 20-25): $18-$20
  • Full sheet (serves 40-50): $30-$35

Specialty Cakes

  • Tuxedo Cake: $35-$40
  • Cheesecake: $20-$25
  • Mini Carrot Cakes: $15-$20

Prices vary slightly by location but remain budget friendly. Consider the number of servings you need, then select the most cost-effective size.

Pickup and Storage Tips

Picking up and storing your cake properly ensures optimum freshness and taste.

Scheduling Pickup

  • Allow 48-hour minimum lead time
  • Choose a convenient date and time
  • Arrive on schedule

Safe Transport

  • Carry cake flat with both hands
  • Use a sturdy box or insulated bag
  • Drive gently over bumps


  • Refrigerate cakes with cream cheese frosting or fillings
  • Store unfrosted cakes at room temperature
  • Freeze for longer storage

Smart planning fits Costco’s unique cake ordering system. Their process brings convenience despite differences. Basic cake decor satisfies. Quantity, quality and cost offset limited ornamentation.

Costco Cakes for Special Occasions

While custom designs are limited, Costco cakes make convenient options for celebrations.

Birthday Cakes


  • Budget friendly for large parties
  • Pre-designed birthday decorations
  • Choose cake flavors and frostings


  • Limited customization
  • Very large sizes


  • Add your own decorations
  • Order quarter sheet cake for smaller groups

Baby Shower Cakes


  • Cute baby-themed decorations
  • Affordable way to feed guests
  • Write a custom message


  • Few gender-specific designs
  • Limited customization


  • Match additional decor to your theme
  • Supplement with other desserts

Graduation Cakes


  • Perfect for large groups
  • Graduation cap and tassel designs
  • Celebratory message options


  • Simple designs
  • Large sizes


  • Display school-colored cupcakes
  • Add edible glitter

Customizing Your Costco Cake

Costco provides pre-set cake decorations. But you can customize further through small touches. Write messages for your event. Mix and match standard decor items. Sprinkle on extra embellishments yourself. With a little creativity, personalize affordable cakes to suit your gathering.

Adding Messages

Though your design options are limited, Costco allows brief written messages. When completing the in-store order form, request they pipe a short inscription. This personalized touch suits various celebrations. Consider birthday wishes, congratulatory notes, or lighthearted humor to match the occasion. For example, graduation cakes might read “Hats off to the grads!” while engagement party messages may announce “They popped the question!”.

Whatever words you choose, ensure accuracy in the provided spelling and punctuation. The decorators will precisely transcribe your submitted phrasing. Carefully review wording when you pick up the cake. Catch any inscription errors then to correct before serving. With Costco’s limited decoration options, a thoughtful message stands out. Well-executed writing makes basic cakes special for guests.

Choosing Designs

Fully customized designs exceed Costco cake options. But order forms offer pre-made decor choices. Consider borders, flower groupings or festive balloons. Skilled bakers recreate these classic decorations neatly. Embellishments dress up basic sheet cakes.

Unique artistry costs more than Costco’s affordable cakes. Use creativity selecting basic decorations instead. Pair bold borders with subtle flowers. Or mix colors and shapes for customized patterns. Tailor hues to your celebration’s motifs. Thoughtfully combine basics for beautiful cakes that fit budgets.

DIY Decorations

Costco doesn’t decorate cakes. But you can add your own edible embellishments. Buy pre-made plastic or sugar cake toppers. Buy them from craft stores or specialty grocery aisles. Arrange on ordered cakes matching your party theme. Add just before displaying cakes to guests.

For natural cake décor, use fresh berries or edible flowers. Gather them from your backyard, florists or specialty markets if accessible. Alternatively, create homemade candy decorations complementing cake colors. Add top decor so cake layers don’t sink from excess weight. Limit quantities distributed across the expanse to a reasonable amount. Finally, discerningly sprinkle extra pixie dust using edible glitter or sprinkles, avoiding over-embellishing.


Can You Freeze a Costco Cake?

You can freeze a Costco cake to enjoy slices at a later date. But for best results, only freeze an unfrosted cake. The frosting and filling don’t preserve well through freezing and thawing. Plan to remove decorations and icing first. Then, wrap whole sheet cake layers or sliced portions well. Use plastic wrap and aluminum foil together. This prevents air reaching cake and freezer burn setting in. Wrapped layers keep fine texture and taste for around 2 months frozen.

When wanting another piece of cake later, defrost overnight in fridge. Use refrigeration method for thorough and complete thawing overnight. Once thawed and restored to room temperature, re-frost your cake with desired icing. Buttercream or cream cheese frostings pair well with defrosted sheet cakes.

Decorated as desired before serving revived leftover cake. Freezing lets you extend the value of large Costco cakes to appreciate beyond a single celebration. Just be diligent wrapping initially and allow ample time for safe thawing. With a little planning, enjoy budget bulk cake days longer!

Does Costco Make Carrot Cakes?

Carrot cake is not a standard year-round option at Costco. However, this cake makes limited-run seasonal encores for fall and winter holidays. Expect this as Costco’s oversized sheet cake when available. It comes topped with decadent cream cheese frosting. But availability stays unpredictable even during the seasons. No guarantees due to intermittent supply.

To check for availability, call your Costco ahead about carrot cake. Ask if full sized or mini carrot cakes are on current order sheets. Mini carrot cakes sell ready-to-go from fridge cases when in stock. These sweet individual round versions satisfy smaller carrot cake cravings. So while not a 365-days option, fans can find their carrot cake fix at Costco if fortunate timing. Be ready to pounce quarterly when these limited seasonal carrot cakes materialize!

Does Costco Stock Cakes?

Unlike regular grocery bakeries, Costco doesn’t stock ready cakes. Instead, every Costco cake is customized and made to order. Custom orders allow for some decor preferences. Freshness gets guaranteed by baking only upon purchase.

The downside means no spontaneous pre-made cake purchases. But your order bakes specially for optimal freshness. No worrying about dried out stale slices or melted icing. Instead, strategize needs a couple days prior. Then pick up event cake at ideal delicious peak.

Tips for Ordering

  • Read terms
  • Plan 48 hours ahead
  • Add DIY decorations
  • Compare prices if small gathering


Costco’s unique cake ordering process contrasts typical bakeries but offers conveniences if understood. Costco’s budget sheet cakes offer no elaborate designs. But they feed large crowds quality cakes at low costs. With modest decor expectations, planning, and personal touches, these work for many celebrations. From birthdays to retirements, their cakes spread joy. For highly custom decor, use specialty bakeries. But when taste and quantity matter more, Costco creations delight without breaking budgets. Their process and offerings have limitations but strengths making celebrations special if embraced. We now know how to tap into Costco cakes’ true value for gatherings big and small.

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