Uber Addresses: Global HQ and World Office Locations

Navigating the global web of Uber locations can seem daunting. However, as an expansive rideshare company, Uber has a dynamic presence that stretches across continents, impacting countless communities and individuals.

Whether you’re an aspiring driver, a curious rider, or just someone interested in the tech giant’s reach, knowing Uber’s strategic locations, including its global headquarters and key regional offices, is enlightening.

This article is your concise guide to comprehending Uber’s global blueprint, starting with the core—what exactly is the address of Uber’s headquarters? And the common issues that force you to visit Uber offices near your city.

Uber’s Global Footprint

As a tech giant reshaping how we commute, Uber’s global footprint is awe-inspiring. Spanning multiple continents, the company operates in over 900 metropolitan areas worldwide, each echoing Uber’s mission of igniting opportunity by setting the world in motion.

Uber’s Corporate Headquarters

At the heart of Uber’s global operations sits its corporate headquarters in Mission Bay, San Francisco, California. This new central hub, located at 1515 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94158, orchestrates the global symphony of ridesharing, food delivery, and various other services that Uber provides. Amid the bustling innovation of Silicon Valley, the Uber headquarters is a testament to the company’s rapid ascent in the tech world and its continuous drive for improvement.

Uber’s International Headquarters

While San Francisco houses Uber’s central command, its influence reverberates around the globe through several international headquarters.

RegionCityCountryUber Headquarters Address
Asia PacificBangaloreIndiaNo 33/1 Chikkannhelli Village, Sarjapur Main Road, RGA Tech park Bengaluru, India, 560035
Asia PacificGurgaonIndiaDLF Phase 5, Sector 43 Gurgaon, India, 122022
Asia PacificHyderabadIndiaSurvey No. 13, Kondapur Hyderābād, India, 500084
Asia PacificHong KongChina25/F, Leighton Centre, Leighton Road, Causeway Bay. Hong Kong , CHINA
Asia PacificManilaPhilippines26th Street Corner McKinley Parkway, The Fort, SM Aura Tower Taguig, Philippines, 1630
Asia PacificSingaporeSingaporePaya Lebar Office Centre, Block 1, 29 Paya Lebar Road Singapore, Singapore, 409005
Asia PacificSydneyAustraliaL 30 580 George St Sydney, NEW SOUTH WALES, 2000 Australia
Asia PacificTokyoJapanUber Eats Japan, Inc. 1-9-10, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-0032, Japan​
EMEAAarhusDenmarkÅboulevarden 37, sal 5 8000, Aarhus C​
EMEAAmsterdamNetherlands68 Vijzelstraat, Netherlands
EMEABerlinGermanyKöpenicker Straße 126, 10179 Berlin, Germany​
EMEAMilanItalyVia Merano, 20127 Milan, Italy
EMEAParisFrance5 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris, France​
EMEALondonUKAldgate Tower, 2 Leman St, London, E1 8FA UK
EMEASofiaBulgaria48 Bul. Sitnyakovo blvd. R-N OBORISHTE DISTR., FLOOR 10, BLOCK SERDIKA OFISI Sofia, 1505 Bulgaria
Latin AmericaBogotáColombiaCalle 93, No. 17-45 Bogotá, Colombia, 110221
Latin AmericaMexico CityMexicoHamburgo 206, Juárez, Cuauhtémoc, 06600 Ciudad de México, CDMX
Latin AmericaSantiagoChileAv. Apoquindo 4501 Local 1E, SANTIAGO, Santiago
Latin AmericaSao PauloBrazilEdificio Cargill São Paulo, Brazil, 04718-050
North AmericaDallasUSA1801 N Lamar Street, Suite 130, Dallas, TX 75202
North AmericaChicagoUSA300 N. Elizabeth Street, Chicago, IL, 60607​
North AmericaNew York CityUSA175 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007
North AmericaSan Francisco BayUSA1515 3rd St, San Francisco, CA 94158, USA
North AmericaSeattleUSA1000 Second Ave Seattle, WA, 98104
North AmericaTorontoCanada312 Adelaide Street W Toronto, ON, M5V 1R2
Uber Headquarters Address

Uber’s Regional Offices and Hubs

Uber’s presence in the United States is as vast and diverse as the country. The numerous regional offices and hubs it has established nationwide to support its growing community of drivers, riders, and eaters are a testament to this. Let’s embark on a virtual tour to understand more about the role and location of these offices.

CityOffice AddressNotes
New York City31-00 47th Ave., Long Island CityThis office provides a range of services from operational to driver support. The city also has several Greenlight Hubs to provide face-to-face assistance for drivers.
Los Angeles2400 Marine Ave., Redondo BeachThe regional office ensures smooth operations in Los Angeles. It is also an Uber Greenlight Hub where driver-partners can get in-person help, check out new products, or attend informational events.
Chicago1401 W. North AveThe office in Chicago manages a network across the city’s diverse neighborhoods. It is also a Greenlight Hub offering localized support to drivers.
Houston5714 Star LaneThe regional office in Houston coordinates Uber’s operations in the city. It is also a Greenlight Hub where drivers can receive assistance and advice.
Phoenix1414 W. Broadway Rd., TempeThe Uber office in Phoenix manages the company’s operations in the area. It also serves as a Greenlight Hub where drivers can get help, from activating their accounts to getting tips on boosting their earnings.
Uber Office Address

The Uber Greenlight Hubs are essential to Uber’s infrastructure, offering in-person support to driver-partners across many cities. These spaces allow for resolving issues, clarifying policies, and even offering resources for drivers to enhance their work with Uber.

Essential Uber Addresses for Drivers

The first and foremost address that comes into play for Uber drivers is their address. As an Uber driver, you are an independent contractor, which legally positions you as your boss. Therefore, your address will typically serve as your business address. You’ll receive essential documents or communications about your Uber driving business at this address.

On the digital front, every Uber driver should be familiar with the official Uber driver page. This address is the go-to destination for understanding the driver’s requirements, accessing helpful resources, and keeping track of earnings. It’s the one-stop shop for all your Uber driving-related needs, providing an easy-to-navigate interface and accessible information on every aspect of driving with Uber.

While the primary Uber headquarters in San Francisco cannot be considered a driver’s place of business, it’s worth noting its address: 1455 Market St #400, San Francisco, CA 94103. While you might never have to visit this location, it serves as the heart of the Uber company, where decisions impact the entire network of drivers, riders, and eaters.

Knowing the address of your local Uber Greenlight Hub is also essential. These hubs are physical locations spread across various cities where drivers can receive in-person assistance for multiple issues. The address of these hubs varies depending on your city, so be sure to find your nearest hub.

The common issue that makes Uber driver should visit the office

Uber drivers often enjoy the independence and flexibility that comes with their role. However, there can be moments when they face issues that necessitate visiting an Uber office, also known as an Uber Greenlight Hub. Let’s discuss common problems that can lead an Uber driver to seek in-person assistance.

Technical Difficulties with the Uber App

Drivers may experience technical glitches or malfunctions with their Uber app. This can range from the app crashing frequently, GPS errors, trouble accepting rides, or issues with the fare calculation. Although Uber provides online and telephonic support, some problems may require hands-on help at an Uber Greenlight Hub.

Account Deactivation or Access Issues

At times, drivers might be unable to access their Uber driver account. The reasons can vary from an expired document, an issue with a background check, or even a suspension due to low ratings or a customer complaint. For these situations, visiting an Uber office can often be the fastest and most effective route to resolution.

Payment or Earnings Discrepancies

One of the most crucial aspects for Uber drivers is their earnings. Any discrepancies in pay, difficulty understanding the payment structure, or issues with payment transfer may warrant a visit to an Uber office. The trained staff at the Greenlight Hub can help drivers understand their earnings breakdown and assist in resolving any payment issues.

Need for In-Person Training or Assistance

While Uber offers many online resources and virtual support, some drivers prefer in-person assistance, especially when new to the platform. Initial training, understanding the Uber driver app, or learning more about the expectations and procedures can be more effective face-to-face. Greenlight Hubs provide this personalized support to drivers.

Document Updates and Verification

Uber drivers must keep their documents — like driver’s licenses, vehicle insurance, vehicle registration, and others — up-to-date in the app. Therefore, any changes or updates often need verification. While you can update it online for some, certain situations may require drivers to physically visit an Uber Greenlight Hub to present their documents for verification.

Dispute Resolution

Despite best efforts, disputes between riders and drivers can occur. It can range from disagreements over fare charges, rider complaints, or concerns over ratings. In more complex dispute situations, it can be beneficial for a driver to discuss the matter in person at an Uber office.

Remember, seeking help when you need it is a sign of professionalism. So whether it’s a technical hitch, a dispute resolution, or an account issue, don’t hesitate to visit your local Uber Greenlight Hub if you’re an Uber driver facing difficulties. These offices provide the support you need to keep your rides running smoothly.

Key Uber Executives and Their Roles

As an industry-leading tech company, Uber’s success is not just due to its innovative business model and strong market presence but also the capable hands steering its operations. Let’s delve into the profiles of the principal figures at Uber, shedding light on the founders who laid the foundation, the current CEO who helms the firm, and the executive team ensuring smooth day-to-day functioning.

Uber Founders: Envisioning a Revolutionary Concept

Uber’s journey began when two ambitious entrepreneurs, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, devised a visionary concept. Kalanick, an experienced entrepreneur, paired with Camp, the co-founder of StumbleUpon, to create Uber – an app redefining urban mobility. Both founders brought complementary skills to the table; Kalanick’s aggressive approach and Camp’s creative thinking were instrumental in shaping Uber’s early growth and development.

Current CEO: Steering the Company through Turbulent Times

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber since 2017, took over the reins from Travis Kalanick in a period marked by various challenges. Born on May 28, 1969, Khosrowshahi is an Iranian-American executive previously at the helm of Expedia Group. Known for his calm and composed leadership style, he has been pivotal in guiding Uber through the storm, mending its corporate image, and setting a path toward profitability. His mandate extends beyond merely expanding Uber’s business in over 70 countries – his tasks are maintaining ethical conduct, ensuring employee satisfaction, and fostering a culture of transparency.

Uber’s Executive Team: Pioneers Driving Uber’s Success

A powerhouse of talent, Uber’s executive team comprises individuals who bring diverse experiences and perspectives. Here are a few key players:

  1. Nelson Chai – Serving as the Chief Financial Officer, Chai is responsible for Uber’s financial operations. His experience in finance and strategy makes him crucial in managing Uber’s economic growth and stability.
  2. Jill Hazelbaker – As the Senior Vice President of Marketing and Public Affairs, Hazelbaker oversees Uber’s brand image, marketing strategies, and stakeholder communication.
  3. Nikki Krishnamurthy – As Chief People Officer, Krishnamurthy focuses on people strategy, ensuring Uber maintains a supportive work environment and strong talent pipeline.
  4. Tony West – As the Chief Legal Officer, West deals with legal matters and regulatory issues, given Uber’s often complex relationship with local and international law.
  5. Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty – Acting as the Head of Uber Eats, Gore-Coty is responsible for Uber’s business’s profitable food delivery segment, which has shown tremendous growth in recent years.

Each member of Uber’s executive team plays a unique and crucial role, guiding Uber through the evolving landscape of the rideshare and tech industry and ensuring its continued global success.

As we look at the key figures that make up Uber’s leadership, it’s clear that the company’s triumph is deeply rooted in its team’s collective strengths, diverse experiences, and dynamic leadership. As Uber continues to grow and adapt, this strong leadership foundation will undoubtedly play an instrumental role in shaping the company’s future.

Reaching Out to Uber: Contact Information and Communication Channels

Engaging with a company as expansive as Uber necessitates a variety of communication channels to accommodate different stakeholders. So whether you’re an investor seeking company updates, a journalist pursuing a story, or a user looking for assistance, Uber has structured its contact points to facilitate effective communication. Let’s explore how you can reach Uber, including Investor Relations, Media Relations, and Social Media Accounts.

Connect with Uber Investor Relations

For individuals or entities with a financial stake in Uber or those considering an investment, the Uber Investor Relations team serves as the primary contact. It provides vital information about Uber’s financial health, strategic direction, and corporate governance. While Uber’s Investor Relations department doesn’t have a direct public phone line, investors can get relevant information from the Investor Relations section on Uber’s official website. You can also email them at [email protected] for more specific inquiries or requests for information.

Reaching Out to Uber Media Relations

Journalists and media professionals who need information about Uber for reporting purposes can connect with Uber’s Media Relations team. This team handles press inquiries, arranges interviews with Uber executives, and offers clarifications on Uber-related news. If you are a media member and wish to contact Uber for official statements or press materials, you can email [email protected]. Please note that this email address is strictly for media queries.

Engaging with Uber on Social Media

As a modern, tech-centric company, Uber maintains a robust presence across multiple social media platforms, providing another way for users and the public to reach out to them. In addition, these platforms offer opportunities for immediate communication and updates about Uber’s services.

  1. Facebook: You can connect with Uber via their official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Uber. Here, Uber shares update about its services, responds to user queries, and collects feedback.
  2. Twitter: For real-time updates and direct engagement with the company, you can follow and tweet to Uber’s official Twitter handle, @Uber. For UK-based support, you can reach out to @UberUKsupport.
  3. Instagram: To catch visually engaging content from Uber, follow their official Instagram handle @Uber.

Remember that while social media channels are excellent for general queries or sharing feedback, they may be better for resolving specific customer complaints for privacy reasons.

As a multinational tech giant, Uber’s success lies in its commitment to maintaining open communication channels with its various stakeholders. So whether you’re an investor, a media professional, or a user seeking assistance, these contact points ensure you can easily reach Uber.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Uber address should I use for business correspondence?

You must direct your communications to the appropriate Uber address when conducting business correspondence with Uber. The headquarters of Uber, Uber Technologies Inc., is located at 1455 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. It is generally the primary address for formal business correspondence, especially concerning global operations, corporate governance, or strategic business matters. However, Uber also maintains regional offices worldwide; contacting the regional office could be more effective for region-specific issues. For immediate support or concerns related to the Uber app or service, using the Uber support options in-app or online is the fastest and most efficient route. As always, ensure your communication is professional, clear, and addressed to the correct department or individual to facilitate a timely response.

As an Uber driver, when should I consider visiting an Uber office? 

Uber drivers might need to visit an Uber office or Greenlight Hub for several reasons, including complex issues related to their account, disputes about fares or rider complaints, assistance with the Uber driver app, or help with documents for registration, vehicle inspections, or background checks.

Are all Uber offices open to drivers for in-person support? 

Not all Uber offices are open for in-person support. Therefore, check the status and operating hours of your local Uber office or Greenlight Hub before visiting. Some services may also be available online or through the Uber driver app.

Can I get support from Uber without visiting an office? 

Yes, you can get support from Uber without visiting an office. You can use the help section in the Uber driver app or visit the Uber website for assistance. You can also reach out to Uber via their social media channels.

Before planning a visit to an Uber office, it is worth reaching out to Uber’s support channels digitally to see if they can resolve your issue without an in-person visit.

Final Thoughts

Understanding Uber’s global headquarters and office locations is crucial for drivers and riders alike. While the company’s corporate headquarters are in San Francisco, Uber’s presence extends globally, with regional offices across the Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America, and North America. It’s important to note that drivers needing assistance should leverage Uber’s online support systems or local Greenlight Hubs. When it comes to business correspondence, always use your address, given the independent contractor status of Uber drivers. The world of Uber is vast, and understanding its structure contributes to a smoother, more seamless experience for all.


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