Walmart Closing Hours 2024: Complete Services Guide

For decades, Walmart has been the go-to destination for many shoppers around the globe. Its vast aisles, paired with an ever-evolving range of products, have made it a household name. But knowing when to navigate these aisles is crucial. Being aware of Walmart’s closing hours ensures an optimized shopping experience. This guide is provide clarity on “Walmart Closing Hours 2024.” Ensuring no more surprises at the doors. Dive in to discover, “What Time Is Walmart Closing?” today.

What Time Is Walmart Closing?

Walmart, a prominent retail giant, closes its doors at 11PM. But, specific closing times can vary based on the store’s location and services. Certain stores in the Atlanta metropolitan area have adopted earlier closing times. For a precise understanding:

  • Standard Walmart stores: 11PM.
  • Stores in Atlanta (specific locations): 9PM.
  • Walmart Pharmacy: Between 7PM and 9PM.
  • Walmart Vision Centers: Conclude at 6PM.
  • Walmart Auto Care Centers: Shut between 6PM and 7PM.
  • Walmart Money Centers: Align with general Walmart store hours.

To ensure accuracy, using Walmart’s store locator tool is advisable. Here Walmart closing time during holidays and special events:

JanuaryNew Year’s DayClosed
FebruaryValentine’s DaySpecial promotions and discounts on Valentine’s Day-related items
President’s DaySpecial promotions and discounts on a variety of items
MarchSt. Patrick’s DaySpecial promotions and discounts on green-colored items and Irish-themed items
EasterOpen from 6AM to 11PM on Easter Sunday
AprilEarth DaySpecial promotions and discounts on eco-friendly products
Mother’s DaySpecial promotions and discounts on Mother’s Day gifts
MayMemorial DayOpen from 6AM to 11PM on Memorial Day
JuneFather’s DaySpecial promotions and discounts on Father’s Day gifts
JuneteenthOpen from 6AM to 11PM on Juneteenth
JulyFourth of JulyOpen from 6AM to 11PM on Fourth of July
AugustBack-to-school seasonSpecial promotions and discounts on school supplies and other back-to-school essentials
Labor DayOpen from 6AM to 11PM on Labor Day
SeptemberHalloweenSpecial promotions and discounts on Halloween costumes and decorations
OctoberFall FestivalSpecial promotions and discounts on fall-related items
Veteran’s DayOpen from 6AM to 11PM on Veteran’s Day
NovemberBlack FridayOpen early on Black Friday, typically at 5AM
Thanksgiving DayClosed
Black Friday Weekend/Cyber MondaySpecial promotions and discounts all weekend long and on Cyber Monday
DecemberChristmas EveOpen from 6AM to 11PM
Christmas DayClosed
New Year’s EveOpen from 6AM to 11PM
Walmart Closing Hours for Holidays

Special Events with Special promotions and discounts :

  • Walmart MoneyCenter Days: Financial services.
  • Walmart Auto Care Center Days: car maintenance and repairs.
  • Walmart Pharmacy Days: Prescription medications and other pharmacy services.
  • Walmart Grocery Days: Groceries and other food items.
  • Walmart Electronics Days: Electronics and other tech products.
  • Walmart Toy Days: Toys and other children’s products.

Walmart’s General Store Hours

Walmart’s consistent service hours have proven pivotal to its widespread acclaim. Most Walmart store hours begin or start at 6AM and conclude at 11PM. This regularity catered to the needs of consumers, earning Walmart a reliability reputation. In response to the modern quest for convenience, certain locations broadened their accessibility. Ushering in 24-hour operations that catered to customers at any hour.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Walmart, like many, faced unforeseen operational changes. which often varied daily. During these fluctuations, Walmart’s spokesperson Charles Crowson became the embodiment of the company. His dedication to make sure safety and customer service. He informing the public of updates. As Walmart branched out internationally. Its operational hours adapted, reflecting local customs and consumer patterns.

Charles Crowson has confirmed, “There are no plans now to return our Walmart stores to 24-hour.” The decision not to resume round-the-clock hours aligns with the broader retail landscape. Which has seen a shift in consumer behavior and staffing dynamics.

The unprecedented times have seen Walmart and similar retailers revise their strategies. Prioritizing staff safety and supply chain stability over extended hours. As Walmart reintroduced more typical hours, the overnight closures remain. That also facilitating essential cleaning and restocking. Ensuring that shelves are restock for customers each day.

In different countries, as Walmart has global operation. Walmart has tailored its store hours to better align with local expectations. And also local shopping habits. Here is a comprehensive table the operating hours of Walmart stores in 20 countries:

CountryWalmart Hours
Argentina9AM – 11PM
Brazil3PM – 12AM
Canada7AM – 10PM
Chile9AM – 11PM
China1PM – 10PM
Costa Rica8AM – 10PM
El Salvador8AM – 10PM
Germany10AM – 7PM
Guatemala8AM – 10PM
Honduras8AM – 10PM
India2PM – 11PM
Japan12PM – 9PM
Mexico8AM – 11PM
Nicaragua8AM – 10PM
Paraguay9AM – 11PM
Puerto Rico7AM – 11PM
South Africa9AM – 6PM
South Korea12PM – 9PM
United Kingdom9AM – 6PM
United States6AM – 11PM
Uruguay9AM – 11PM
Walmart Hours Every Country

Walmart Special Service Hours

At Walmart, customers experience more than retail shopping. They have access to a suite of special services. These enhance their financial well-being and shopping experience. From the convenience of the MoneyCenter to the comprehensive support. All are offered by the Customer Service Desk. Walmart ensures that every visit meets a wide array of needs. During the holiday seasons, Walmart adapts to the festive timings. These dedicated services exemplify Walmart’s promise to save people money. So they can live better.

Walmart MoneyCenter

Walmart’s MoneyCenter functions as a financial sanctuary within its stores. It offering a wide range of services. These include cashing checks, handling money orders, and issuing Walmart Credit Cards. The MoneyCenter ensures that financial tasks are managed with ease. It concurrent with daily shopping routines. And it operates during the usual Walmart store hours. This seamless integration of services demonstrates Walmart’s understanding of its customers’ hectic schedules. It providing a comprehensive one-stop solution for both retail and financial needs.

Walmart Customer Service Desk

The hub of Walmart’s help and customer interaction is the Customer Service Desk. Functioning usually from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., this desk oversees a multitude of tasks:

  • Returns Items: Governed by Walmart’s terms and conditions. the process is easy and fast to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Price Matches: Their Price Match policy can be a boon if you’re looking for the best deals.
  • MoneyCenter transactions: Facilitating seamless transactions.
  • Additionally, it addresses other issues like employee complaints, store problems. Also theft incidents, out-of-stock item queries, and more.

Holiday Hours

Walmart embraces the festive season by adjusting its store hours. So they can accommodate the holiday spirit and shopping patterns. On days like Christmas Eve, Walmart adjusts its hours for last-minute shoppers. Then closing on Christmas Day. The store is also catering to early Black Friday enthusiasts with extended early hours. Black Friday 2022 saw early birds with doors opening at 5AM. These considerate adjustments reflect Walmart’s commitment to being there for their customers. When it matters most, during the special moments and celebrations throughout the year.

Navigating Walmart Services

Walmart’s services are accessible for all customers. Whether one needs to locate a store, handle a return, or need help. Walmart ensures convenience is a touch away. Their complete customer service tools highlight the commitment to a seamless customer experience.

Using the Walmart Store Locator and App

Walmart caters to the shopper with its intuitive store locator and mobile app. These tools empower customers by providing details on the closest Walmart location. The information including service options and operational hours. The app goes a step further by integrating product searches and in-app payment.

Here to use the store locator :

  1. Open Walmart Store Locator tools here.
  2. Enter zip code or address in the search bar then click “Search.”
  3. A list of Walmart store will appear. Filter the results by distance, services offered, and store hours.
  4. To view more information about a store, click on its name. This will open a page with the store’s address, phone number, hours, and a map.

Here to use the mobile app :

  1. Download the Walmart app from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Open the app and tap on the “Store Finder” icon.
  3. Allow the app to access location.
  4. A list of Walmart stores near location will appear. Filter the results by distance, services offered, and store hours.
  5. To view more information about a store, tap on its name. This will open a page with the store’s address, phone number, hours, and a map.

Contacting Walmart Customer Service

Customer communication channels at Walmart are vast. From the traditional call center to modern live chat options. Also available emails and social media channels are at your service.


  • Call 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278)
  • For Walmart+ members, call 1-800-WALMART+ (1-800-925-6278)


  • Go to the Walmart Help Center website and click on the “Contact Us” link.
  • Fill out the contact form and select the topic of the inquiry.
  • Click on the “Submit” button to send your email.


  • Go to the Walmart Help Center website and click on the “Chat” button.
  • A customer service representative will be able to help with the inquiry.

Social Media:

  • Walmart Customer Service on social media, such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Send a direct message to Walmart Customer Service and explain the inquiry.
  • A customer service representative will respond to the message as soon as possible.

Walmart’s Policies and Practices

Walmart integrates customer-centric operations with ethical standards. Their policies are pillars. That support a trustworthy shopping environment and a sustainable business model.

Customer Service Practices

At Walmart, the customer isn’t king; they’re part of the family. From handling feedback with care to ensuring seamless support for online orders. Walmart’s customer service practices revolve around elevating customer experiences.

Notable Policies

Walmart’s policies often reflect its commitment to its workforce and customers alike. They have stringent drug testing, ensuring a safe working environment. The meal break policy takes care of employee well-being. But customers aren’t left behind, with policies like in-store price matching. They always get a good deal.

Walmart Beyond Regular Services

Walmart’s Global Presence

Beyond the shores of the USA, Walmart’s logo shines in different countries. From the bustling streets of China to the expansive landscapes of Russia. Each country presents its challenges including local regulations to understanding diverse consumer behaviors. Yet, Walmart continues to grow, adapting and evolving.

The Business Side of Walmart

In the global business arena, Walmart stands tall. When juxtaposed against tech giants like Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Walmart’s financial acumen and operational efficiency shine through. Both of them demonstrating the company’s enduring relevance and ambition.


Walmart is more than a store; it’s an institution. Recognizing its service hours and myriad offerings ensures you extract most value. whether you’re shopping for groceries, electronics, or seeking financial services. Walmart continues to grow, innovate, and serve. Stay abreast of their operational timings to enjoy a seamless, rewarding shopping experience.

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