What are Costco Gas Hours? 2024 Guide & Tips

For many drivers, Costco is synonymous with savings on high-quality gasoline. Knowing the Costco gas hours is paramount. Moreover for those who are planning refuel around busy schedules. While taking advantage of the competitive prices Costco is known for.

This comprehensive 2024 guide delves into everything about Costco gas operations. It is actionable tips to ensure you never face the inconvenience of a closed station.

What are Costco Gas Hours?

The core weekday Costco gas hours span 6 AM to 10 PM, with weekend closures generally an hour or two earlier. Confirm your location’s times and holiday schedule to avoid surprises. Strategize trips during off-peak windows to skip the gas lines!

Detailed Breakdown of Costco Gas Hours

Here are the of standard hours and holiday schedules at your local Costco gas station. Knowing this schedule is key to avoid wasted trips, the detailed hours:

Standard Operating Hours

  • Weekdays – Most stations open between 6 AM – 7 AM and close between 7 PM – 10 PM.
  • Weekends – Reduced hours, usually open 7 AM – 8 PM.
Monday6 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday6 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday6 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday6 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday6 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday7 AM – 8 PM
Sunday7 AM – 8 PM

Exact timings can vary – always verify your specific location’s hours.

Holiday Closures

On major holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, some locations may be closed entirely. On other holidays, they tend to remain open with possible shortened hours:

  • New Year’s Day – Often close early at 6 PM.
  • Memorial Day – Mostly regular hours.
  • July 4th – Regular hours to meet road trip demand.
  • Labor Day Weekend – May have reduced weekend hours.
Independence DayClosed
Labor DayClosed
Easter SundayClosed
Memorial DayClosed
Thanksgiving DayClosed
Christmas DayClosed
New Years DayClosed

Verify holiday hours so fuel needs don’t derail your celebrations!

Why Choose Costco Gas?

Costco’s reputation for top-tier quality fuel at affordable prices brings droves of members to their pumps. But what sets their gasoline apart specifically?

Premium Gas at Member-Only Prices

  • Formulated to exceed EPA standards.
  • Contains fuel injection cleaners to improve performance.
  • Enhanced stability for longer freshness.
  • On par quality as premium brands – without the markup!

Costco leverages bulk logistics to offer premium gas at budget prices – but only to members.

Year-Round Price Advantage

Savings span across seasons with prices consistently lower than nearby stations – typically 20 to 30 cents less per gallon. This adds up, saving members $300+ yearly assuming average usage statistics.

Costco makes no-compromise quality fuel affordable all 365 days. Through negotiations, partnerships, and efficiency.

What is the best time to get gas at Costco?

Carefully choosing off-peak windows for refueling avoids queues and long waits.

Dodging the Rush Hour – Go During:

  • Weekday mornings before 9 AM
  • Weeknights after 8 PM
  • Late Sundays

Starting your week or finishing your errands during less popular times means a quicker fill-up!

Pro Tip: Use the Costco Gas App

The app shows live gas station crowd levels for your location so you can plan your trip accordingly. This real-time data makes it easy to fuel up hassle-free!

Payment Methods Accepted

With chip readers and contactless payments, Costco offers a modern mix of convenient ways to pay at the pump.

Credit Cards, Cash and Gift Cards Accepted

In addition to the payment methods below, Costco gas stations also accept:

  • Cash – All bills $20 or less.
  • Costco Shop Cards – Prepaid, rechargeable gift cards.

Debit and Credit Transactions

Process transactions quickly by using:

  • Visa – All types.
  • Debit/ATM – Most PIN-based networks.
  • Citi Visa – For bonus 4% cash back rewards.

Contactless and Mobile Payments

Tap-and-go convenience enabled through:

  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • RFID Credit Cards

Contactless payments make checkout nearly instant for members in a hurry!

Costco Membership Impact on Gas Purchases

We break down the role membership plays across pricing, access, and rewards.

Is Membership Mandatory to Purchase Gas?

Yes, a current gold-star or executive Costco membership is required to fuel up at their stations as standard policy.

As a warehouse club, they leverage membership revenue to subsidize gas discounts. So only members get access to the pumps.

On very rare occasions, exceptions may be made for Costco Shop Card holders.

Executive Membership Gas Perks

Beyond 2% rewards, Executive members also earn extra points and discounts. The benefits on gasoline purchases, including:

  • 4% cash back on the first $7,000 in gas yearly.
  • Exclusive member fuel discounts – saved at the pump!
  • Higher rewards thresholds – up to 4% on the first $14,000 in gas.

So when fueling regularly, the Executive tier quickly pays for itself!

Safety First – Security at Gas Stations

Members can fill up with peace of mind thanks to Costco’s focus on safety across extended hours.

After Hours – Enhanced Security Measures

Costco added protections for 24/7 stations. The security features like CCTV surveillance, motion-activated lighting, and guard patrols. Also help buttons boost security when refueling late at night.

Added Support and Assistance

Attendants are available during operating hours for assistance. Any problems with fueling, payments or any other queries faced. Simply press the call button!

Costco gas stations remain secure around the clock. The proactive precautions and helpful personnel make it good services.


Costco gas delivers outstanding value for members. With exceptional fuel quality and consistent pricing advantages. Optimize when you refuel and which payment methods you use. While taking advantage of membership perks can make Costco your go-to gas station for all needs.

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