What Does Walmart’s Tire Warranty Cover? Updated Policy

Tires are not a cheap investment, and vehicle owners often want them to last as long as possible. However, this part faces many risks. It comes into direct contact with the road surface and unexpected objects. So, warranty policies are a great solution to save money on repair and maintenance.

Walmart tire warranty stands out for its favorable terms for consumers. What exactly do you get? Scroll down for the answer.

What Does Walmart’s Tire Warranty Cover?

Walmart guarantees all new tires purchased at stores or online. Their standard warranty protects buyers. It repairs flaws in materials or construction found early. It replaces defective tires to match expected lifespan, for no extra cost. They also offer two warranty plan as an options.

Walmart Tire Warranty

Walmart offers customers two supplemental tire warranty options:

The “Road Ready Coverage” is $10 per tire. It protects against regular road hazards like nails or potholes. Full tire lifespan has this shield against common damage.

The “Smooth Performance Plan” costs $14 per tire. It includes lifetime balancing and rotation. This maintains safe operation and ideal mileage.

According to Walmart’s return policy, you can return your tires within 90 days of purchase.

Understanding Walmart’s Tire Warranty

There are two types of tire warranties that you can get at Walmart. These include The Road Hazard warranty and the Lifetime Balance and Rotation warranty. Of the two, people usually get the Road Hazard warranty. The reason is that it involves the repair or return of the tires.

The Road Hazard warranty typically costs $10 per wheel of the vehicle. However, this will depend on your state, as some charge a slightly higher fee.

Exploring the Different Warranty Plans

Walmart provides two types of tire warranty plans:

Walmart road hazard warranty – provides coverage through the entire lifespan of your tires. This plan costs $10 per tire or $40 per car. However, the fees may vary depending on your location and could go up to $14 per tire or $56 per vehicle

Walmart lifetime balance and rotation plan warranty – is an excellent way to keep your tires covered for their entire lifespan. This plan is affordable, costing only $40-$56 per car or $14 per tire, depending on your state. You can purchase this warranty plan together with your tires at any Walmart auto care center

Both Walmart tire warranties last for the tires’ full lifespan. The warranties remain valid if the tires stay with the original buyer. The road hazard warranty is more popular. It covers repair and replacement of damaged tires.

Walmart Road Hazard Warranty

The road hazard warranty covers tire damage. Damage examples are nails, screws, potholes, and road debris. This protection is against common driving hazards.

Cost: Extra fee at purchase, usually around $10 per tire.


  • Free repair or replacement (prorated based on tread remaining) of damaged tires.
  • Peace of mind knowing unexpected road hazards won’t lead to hefty bills.

Things to Remember: 312“

  • Only valid for the original purchaser and vehicle.
  • Doesn’t cover wear, improper inflation, accidents, vandalism, or overloading.
  • Replacement might be a different brand/model if the original is unavailable.

Walmart Lifetime Balance Warranty

The lifetime balance warranty covers tire balancing. It keeps tires properly balanced as they wear. This prevents uneven treadwear and vibration problems.

Cost: Usually around $15 per tire at purchase.


  • Improved tire life and fuel efficiency.
  • Smoother and quieter ride.
  • Can potentially extend the life of other suspension components.

Things to Remember:

  • Requires rotations every 6,000 miles or 6 months, whichever comes first.
  • Only valid at Walmart Auto Care Centers.
  • Doesn’t include the cost of tire balancing weights.

Walmart’s Return And Exchange Policy For Tires

The standard return policy allows tire returns or exchanges within 90 days of purchase. This is valid with an original receipt and for unused tires. Returns meet the basic conditions if tires remain unmounted.

Mounted tires may not qualify for return or exchange. The same applies to balanced or installed tires. Store policies determine eligibility after servicing tires.

Each tire brand has its own warranty terms. Policies for returns or exchanges follow the manufacturer’s warranty. Defective tire claims must meet the specific brand warranty.

Road Hazard Warranties: Usually non-refundable and non-transferable.

Making the Most of Walmart’s Tire Warranty

How Does Walmart’s Tire Warranty Work?

Understanding the basics:

  • Two main warranties: Manufacturer’s warranty (standard) and Road Hazard warranty (optional).
  • Manufacturer’s warranty: Covers defects for 1 year or 25% tread wear, whichever comes first.
  • Road Hazard warranty: Protects against road damage like nails, screws, and potholes.

Key things to remember:

  • Warranties only cover specific issues, not general wear and tear.
  • Proper maintenance (inflation, alignment, rotation) is crucial for warranty validity.
  • Warranties are for the original purchaser and vehicle.

How To Check Your Tire Warranty Status

Multiple methods:

  • Receipt: Check the purchase receipt for details about the warranty and coverage period.
  • Online: Visit Walmart’s website and enter your tire purchase information (if available).
  • Contact Walmart: Call their customer service line or visit your local Auto Care Center.

Information needed:

  • Tire brand and model
  • Date of purchase
  • Vehicle information

The Process: How To File A Walmart Tire Warranty Claim

Initiating the claim:

  • Visit your local Walmart Auto Care Center.
  • Bring your vehicle, proof of purchase, and any relevant documentation (e.g., photos of damage).
  • Explain the issue and your understanding of the warranty coverage.

Service center assessment:

  • Technicians will inspect the tires and determine if the damage is covered under warranty.
  • They may ask for more information or documentation.

Claim resolution:

  • If covered, the service center will repair or replace the tire (prorated based on tread remaining).
  • You may be responsible for extra costs like installation or balancing.
  • If not covered, the service center will explain the reasoning and offer repair options at your cost.

Tips for a smooth claim process:

  • Be prepared with all necessary documentation.
  • Explain the issue and your understanding of the warranty.
  • Ask questions and clarify any doubts before proceeding.
  • Maintain a polite and professional demeanor.

Follow the claim steps properly. Understand Walmart’s tire warranty details. This allows a smooth claim to get the most from your buy.

Walmart’s Tire Warranty: Is it Worth the Investment?

Whether a Walmart tire warranty is worthwhile depends on some key factors. These include driving habits, available budget, and comfort with tire risk. Carefully weigh the warranty against your personal situation. Let’s break down the pros and cons:

Evaluating Walmart’s Tire Warranty: Pros and Cons


  • Peace of mind: Protects against unexpected road hazards and potential repair costs.
  • Walmart’s manufacturer and road hazard warranties cost less. They beat similar plans from other tire sellers. Both standard and extra warranties are very affordable.


  • Limited coverage: The warranties have limited coverage. They exclude wear, poor maintenance, and some damage types. Review exclusions before assuming full protection.
  • Prorated replacements: The road hazard warranty replacements are prorated. Damaged tires get partial credit based on tread life left. You may pay some of the replacement cost.

Does Walmart honor the Goodyear tire warranty?

Walmart does not honor the Goodyear tire warranty. Goodyear has its own specific tire warranty. You buy Goodyear tires at Walmart. Goodyear has its own tire warranty. You must contact Goodyear directly about claim. Walmart doesn’t handle Goodyear warranty claims.

Understanding the Coverage: Slashed tires, Tire Rotation, and More

Coverage details:

  • Slashed tires: These are usually excluded from coverage. Both basic and road hazard warranties omit them. Damaged tires from vandalism are not covered.
  • Tire rotation: It is not covered. But the lifetime balance warranty encourages rotation every 6,000 miles or 6 months. This maintains tires longer and boosts how they perform.
  • Other excluded damage examples are misuse, overloading, accidents. Also not covered are inflation issues, alignment problems. Most improper handling and maintenance voids the warranty.


Before choosing Walmart tire warranty, compare it. Check coverage, cost, exclusions versus other sellers. See if details fit your driving habits and risk comfort. Also learn Walmart’s standard and extra warranty specifics. Finally determine if they match your tire protection needs.


Do you need a receipt for the Walmart tire warranty?

Yes, you do need a receipt or proof of purchase to file a claim under Walmart’s tire warranty. The receipt shows details of your buy, including tire brand, model, and warranty information. Without it, Walmart cannot verify your ownership or warranty eligibility.

What Should I Do If Walmart Refuses My Warranty Claim?

If Walmart denies your tire warranty claim, first ask the service advisor to clarify. Check if you have met all the terms and conditions. If you still think you merit coverage, try Walmart customer service. If they decline, speak to the store manager to appeal. If Walmart finally denies your claim, consult consumer agencies in your state for more help. Use state consumer protections only as a last option.

Final Thoughts

Walmart has two tire warranty choices. One is the standard manufacturer’s warranty. It covers defects for early tread life. The other is an optional road hazard warranty. This adds protection against tire damage from road issues.

Look at warranty costs, coverage specifics, exclusions, and the claims process. Walmart warranties give peace of mind for surprise tire repairs. But, the protection has limits. Not all cases are covered. Know restrictions before you buy tires.

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