What Insurance Does Costco Optical Take? Complete List.

Finding good eye care that takes your vision insurance can be hard. You may be thinking about using Costco Optical. If so, a main question probably comes up. What vision insurance plans does Costco Optical actually work with?

I shop at Costco often. I wondered if my vision insurance worked there. Costco Optical accepts many plans. But each plan has lots of rules. This makes knowing what is covered complicated. I want a clear, easy answer like you.

This guide answers if Costco Optical takes your vision insurance. It lists the big national and regional vision plans that are covered. Some insurers have limits on coverage at Costco Optical. I’ll share how to check if they accept your specific plan first.

What Insurance Does Costco Optical Take?

Costco Optical accepts most major national and regional vision insurance plans. Providers like VSP, EyeMed, Davis Vision, Superior Vision, and more. Here are the most complete list covered providers and some with limitations:

Covered ProvidersLimitations in Coverage
Davis VisionEyeMed Vision Benefits
Superior VisionTRICARE
VBA Vision

As you see above table, some big providers have limits. Not all Costco stores accept all vision insurance plans. Examples are Aetna, Humana, EyeMed Vision Benefits and TRICARE. Their plans may not work at some Costco stores. Discount eye care programs usually do not work at Costco. So, calling your local optical center first is best. This way you know if they accept your vision insurance.

Overview of Costco and Costco Optical

What is Costco?

Costco started the membership warehouse idea in 1983 in Seattle. For a yearly fee, members get low prices on bulk items and Kirkland brands. Their no-frills warehouses sell everything from food to expensive electronics. Costco is known for fair employee pay and efficient operations to keep prices low. This “cost-co” thinking has fueled their growth to 830 warehouses globally. Over 63 million member households shop at Costco.

Why do people choose Costco?

Smart shoppers pick Costco for the low prices on frequently updated items. Members save up to 30% at Costco. They buy many things to get the savings. Examples are bulk items, Kirkland brands, discounted gift cards, and pharmacy drugs. Then, insurance plans, eye exams, and tire installation. Browse free samples on Saturdays or battle weekend crowds stocking up. A $60 household membership repays you through gas discounts and reward coupons. Filling up monthly and redeeming perks makes the fee worthwhile.

Services Offered by Costco Optical

In 2000, Costco entered eyecare by opening independent optometrist offices. First opened within select warehouse locations. Costco Optical has since expanded to over 700 in-store optical centers globally. Standalone Costco Optical sites also operate in certain regions under the “The Optical Shop at Costco” branding. Costco optical departments and affiliated practices offer standard optometry services:

  • Comprehensive eye examinations.
  • Contact lens fittings.
  • Treatment consultations for conditions like glaucoma, dry eye, etc.
  • Wide range of corrective eyewear options.

Eyewear Brands Offered by Costco Optical

Along with eye exams, Costco Optical offers many eyeglasses and contacts choices. They have designer, affordable, and contact brands. Some examples are Ray-Ban, Oakley, Kirkland Signature, and ACUVUE. Here the Frame brands :

  • Designer: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Vogue, Coach.
  • Affordable: Kirkland Signature, Foster Grant, ProVision.
  • Daily Contacts: ACUVUE, Air Optix, Biofinity.

They match the excellent Costco reputation. Their glasses and lens pricing beat other retailers too. Large selection and fair pricing make them a top national optical shop.

Insurance Acceptance at Costco Optical

A common question about Costco Optical is whether they accept vision insurance plans. We’ll clarify Costco Optical’s insurance policies regarding coverage for exams versus eyewear purchases.

Does Costco Optical Take Insurance?

Yes, most Costco eye care centers take vision insurance. But the eye doctors there set their own insurance rules. Their rules can differ from the optical shop’s policies in the warehouse. It is best to check with both the doctor and optical store about your vision coverage.

Types of Insurance Coverage Accepted

Costco Optical welcomes various private, employer-sponsored, and government-backed vision insurance plans. Most locations take prominent insurers like Davis Vision, Superior Vision, EyeMed, and VSP. State-specific providers like UHA Health Insurance and Medicaid programs may also be covered. It is depending on your location.

You should check with both of insurer and Costco eye care. Each insurance company has their own network. Being in or out of the network affects your insurance coverage at Costco.

Specific Insurance Policies: EyeMed and VSP

EyeMed and VSP are two big vision insurance companies. Their plans have little differences. Knowing these details helps you use benefits at Costco optical.

  • EyeMed: Covered at most locations as an in-network provider, but network status vary.
  • VSP: Also widely accepted, with a high chance of in-network coverage. However, Costco Optical is considered an out-of-network provider by VSP for lens purchases.

Check your particular vision benefits with your insurer. See what eye exams, glasses discounts, and out-of-network refunds you get. Rules differ per person’s plan even with big carriers like EyeMed and VSP.

Exploring Costco Optical Services Without Insurance

Costco Optical takes many vision insurance plans. But they also serve people with no insurance. We will look at what you pay yourself there. And what it’s like to get eye exams and glasses without vision benefits

Cost of Services at Costco Optical Without Insurance

Costco Optical positions itself as an affordable eye care option even if uninsured. Pricing is transparent, allowing you to accurately budget for services:

  • Eye exams range from $50-$100 depending on complexity.
  • Contact lens exams typically cost $104-$120.
  • Eyeglasses start around $100 for basic frames and single vision lenses. Designer brands can exceed $300.
  • Contact lenses range between $30-$100 monthly depending on type and brand.

Competitive pricing makes Costco Optical viable for those uninsured. Compare costs against local alternatives to maximize savings.

How Costco Optical Accommodates Non-insured Clients

Costco Optical welcomes uninsured people in various ways. They offer fair pricing presented upfront. Costco memberships are flexible for eye exams versus eyewear. Here are the Costco Optical strategies to serve uninsured clients:

  • Competitive pricing compared to traditional optical stores.
  • No membership required for eye exams.
  • Bundled exam, frame, and lens package deals.
  • Quality yet affordable Kirkland Signature eyewear brand.
  • Major credit cards accepted.

Other tips can also lower your costs without insurance. Compare Costco’s prices to competitors. Choose affordable lenses. Also check Costco for any eye care sales.

Additional Considerations for Using Costco Optical

Understanding key policies and what to expect at Costco Optical prepares you to make the most of their services.

Is a Costco Membership Required?

  • For eye exams, no membership is necessary. Just inform entrance staff you’re visiting the optometry department.
  • For eyewear purchases, yes you need a paid Costco membership. This grants access to frames, lenses, and contacts.

How to Book an Appointment at Costco Optical

  • Online: Visit Costco’s website and locate your warehouse’s optical page to schedule online.
  • Phone: Call your local warehouse and ask to book with the optometry office.
  • Walk-in: Some locations accept walk-ins based on availability, but appointments are best.

What to Expect During an Eye Exam at Costco

  • At your exam, an independent eye doctor will check you. They are licensed optometrists, not Costco employees. They will assess your vision, eye health, and prescription needs.
  • Additional tests like glaucoma screening or retinal imaging if required.
  • Consultation about prescription eyewear selections and pricing information.

Costco Optical’s Frame, Lens, and Return Policies

Review Costco Optical’s offerings, replacement guidelines, and satisfaction guarantees:

  • Extensive frame selection across designer brands, budget options, and exclusive Kirkland Signature eyewear.
  • Lens replacement in your own frames is generally discouraged and may carry fees. Consider independent optical labs instead.
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee within 90 days on glasses and contacts.

This Costco Optical guide prepares you to shop there. Use your vision insurance or cash wisely. See if the low prices, good quality, and membership perks fit your needs. Before visiting, decide what matters most for your eye health and budget.

The Costco Optical Experience

Understanding the key benefits and downsides of Costco Optical helps set proper expectations.

Pros and Cons of Costco Optical


  • Competitive pricing on exams, eyewear, and contacts.
  • Bulk buying discounts on multiples pairs of glasses or contact lenses.
  • Broad selection of designer, budget, and exclusive Kirkland brand frames.
  • Quality standards for products and services.
  • Convenience of combining eye care and eyewear shopping.
  • Renowned friendly and helpful warehouse staff.
  • 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.


  • Paid membership required for eyewear purchases.
  • Limited to in-warehouse locations vs standalone stores.
  • Cannot replace lenses in your existing non-Costco frames.
  • Missing some high-end brands offered at traditional retailers.
  • Sales-oriented atmosphere isn’t ideal for everyone.
  • Potential wait times due to high demand.

Customer Service at Costco Optical

  • Lauded for friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff.
  • However, some concerns noted about lengthy wait times and claims resolution.

Costco Optical Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

  • Affordability and satisfaction guarantee praised .
  • But quality control issues, like scratched lenses, highlighted by some.
  • Assessment depends on individual priorities and store location.

Costco Optical Beyond 2024

Costco Optical has no published future plans yet. But we can guess future changes by looking at eye care industry trends. These trends give hints about what Costco Optical may do next

What’s New at Costco Optical?

Costco will likely grow its Kirkland Signature optical range. Kirkland is their affordable private brand. It matches the quality of Costco’s reputation. It can expand like Sam’s Club Member’s Mark brand has done.

Costco may soon allow online eye exam appointments. And web browsing of eyeglass frames. But Costco is built on retail warehouses. In-person visits to see, fit, and pick glasses won’t vanish. Yet improving digital access can draw in more younger shoppers.

Future Trends in Optical Insurance

More vision coverage may cover telehealth soon. Plans could allow virtual eye exams and advice by phone or wearables. This would help Costco Optical customers far from stores. It offers convenience for those without nearby eye doctors.

Insurance may bundle more vision benefits too. Rather than old plans only covering yearly eye exams and glasses. New plans may discount things like blue light lenses, migraine glasses, prescribed treatments. More tied to total eye health beyond a quick yearly check.

New tech also allows greater customization. Health tracking devices may link data to insurers someday. Like blood sugar levels predicting diabetic eye issues. This data may trigger you getting specialized vision benefits. Costco Optical should adjust as coverage and care personalizes with tech.


Costco Optical works for many eye care and eyewear needs. They take most popular vision insurance plans. They welcome both clients with insurance and without. Uninsured people get fair prices, package discounts, affordable glasses options. Having a guide to Costco optical saves time and money.

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