What Is Audible? Ultimate Guide to Audiobook Service & Plans

As an audiobook lover or someone curious about the booming world of audiobooks, you’ve likely heard about Audible. The giant in the audiobook industry, Audible, is Amazon’s premium platform that opens up an expansive universe of audio entertainment. So whether you’re a genuine reader wishing for more hours in a day or a busy individual seeking an effortless way to consume books, Audible is your reliable ally.

This guide is your companion into this exciting world, providing comprehensive insights into what Audible is, its membership plans, and how you can maximize its benefits.

Now, let’s unravel the question, “What is Audible?”

What is Audible?

Audible, a subsidiary of Amazon, is an industry-leading platform for audiobooks and spoken word audio. It offers access to over 400,000 titles across various genres, including original content exclusive to Audible. Users can stream or download content on multiple devices, from smartphones and tablets to Kindles and smart speakers. Audible also offers podcasts and wellness programs. In addition, its unique membership structure allows users to own their purchased content stored within their Audible library, making it accessible anytime, anywhere.

The History of Audible

The story of Audible resonates with innovation and the transformation of literature. Established in 1995, Audible was conceived as a revolutionary idea by best-selling nonfiction author Donald Katz and tech expert Tim Mott. They aimed to harness digital technology’s growing influence to redefine how people consume literature and spoken-word entertainment.

In 1997, Audible took a major leap forward by introducing the Audible MobilePlayer. This groundbreaking device signaled a new era in audio content, offering users access to an impressive library of over 10,000 hours of audiobooks and spoken word material, a considerable leap from what was available in conventional audiobook stores.

As Audible evolved, its offerings extended beyond just literature. It became an inclusive platform for all spoken-word entertainment, from podcasts to original productions. Furthermore, the service was designed not just for individual leisure listening but also to serve the needs of the visually impaired, providing them with easier access to literature and entertainment.

A defining moment in Audible’s history came in 2008 when Amazon, the e-commerce giant, acquired it. This merger sparked an unprecedented expansion of Audible’s services and audience reach, further fortifying its place as a leading audio entertainment provider.

Audible’s commitment to continuous improvement has kept it at the forefront of its field, revolutionizing how we enjoy literature and spoken word content. With its roots firmly grounded in a love for storytelling and the potential of digital technology, Audible continues to innovate, redefine, and inspire. Its story is a testament to the transformative power of innovation and the enduring appeal of good stories well told.

Audible Membership Plans and Pricing

The Audible membership plans and pricing are listed below as a summary.

Membership PlanPrice per MonthPrice per YearNumber of CreditsBenefits
Audible Plus$7.950Unlimited access to Audible Plus Catalogue
Audible Premium Plus$14.95$149.501 per monthUnlimited access to Audible Plus Catalogue + 1 credit per month
Audible Premium Plus – 2 Credits$22.952 per monthUnlimited access to Audible Plus Catalogue + 2 credits per month
Audible Premium Plus Annual – 12 Credits$149.5012 per yearUnlimited access to Audible Plus Catalogue + 12 credits per year
Audible Premium Plus Annual – 24 Credits$229.5024 per yearUnlimited access to Audible Plus Catalogue + 24 credits per year
Audible membership plans and pricing

This table encapsulates the key pricing details for Audible’s membership plans, providing a brief overview of the costs and benefits associated with each program. Audible’s pricing structure ensures a plan to suit everyone, whether you’re a casual listener or an audiobook fan.

Current Audible Membership Plans

Amazon Audible offers a range of membership plans designed to cater to diverse listener needs and budgets. At the heart of Audible’s membership plans is the desire to provide a satisfying experience for all listeners. The most popular plans start at $7.95/month, which is the Audible Plus plan. Then there is the Audible Premium Plus membership, priced at $14.95 per month, and the Audible Premium Plus 2 Credits plan, costing $22.95 monthly. Finally, for listeners seeking an annual commitment, there are Audible Premium Plus Annual plans with 12 and 24 credits, costing $149.50 and $229.50, respectively. Each plan has distinct benefits and offerings, allowing listeners to select a program that aligns with their listening habits and preferences.

Audible Plus vs. Premium Plus

Audible’s Plus and Premium Plus memberships offer different benefits and privileges. Audible Plus, priced at $7.95/month, offers unlimited listening from the Audible Plus catalog, which includes thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and original productions. However, it doesn’t come with monthly credits. In contrast, the Audible Premium Plus membership costs $14.95 per month and offers all the benefits of Audible Plus, along with an additional monthly credit. With this credit, you can purchase any audiobook in Audible’s vast library, regardless of price or length, and the book is yours to keep even if you cancel your membership.

Audible Credits Explained

A fundamental component of Audible’s membership plans is the Audible credit system. These credits are tokens; with these tokens, you can exchange them for audiobooks in the Audible Library. This system provides flexibility and cost-effectiveness, as one credit can get you any audiobook, regardless of its list price. Premium Plus members receive one or two monthly credits, depending on their chosen plan. Furthermore, you can buy additional credits in bundles, with a bundle of three typically costing around $35. This feature is available to members who have been with Audible for at least one month.

Navigating Audible’s membership plans and understanding its credit system can empower you to maximize your listening experience. Whether you’re an avid audiobook listener or an occasional consumer of spoken word content, Audible offers plans that accommodate your listening needs and budget. As you explore the world of audiobooks and podcasts, remember that Audible’s plans are designed with the listener in mind to make the vast world of spoken word entertainment accessible and enjoyable.

Getting Started with Audible

Navigating your way into the world of Audible may seem daunting, but I’m here to ensure it’s a breeze. This guide will walk you through the process, providing detailed insights into signing up, identifying compatible devices, and understanding the integration with Amazon Prime. Your audiobook journey starts here.

How to Sign Up for Audible

To begin with, you need to sign up for Audible. Your journey to the world of infinite audiobooks starts at the Audible website or the mobile app. Next, click the ‘Sign Up’ button, input your email address, and create a password. If you already have an Amazon account, you can use those credentials to sign in, making the process smoother. During your sign-up, you can also opt for a free trial to explore the offerings before committing.

Devices Compatible with Audible

Next, let’s talk about device compatibility. Audible aims to make your listening experience as effortless as possible, so their service is compatible with various devices. Whether you own an iPhone, an Android device, or a Windows phone or prefer using your Amazon Fire tablet or computer, Audible has got you covered. Download the Audible app on your chosen device to start listening, sign in with your credentials, and explore your library.

Audible and Amazon Prime Integration

Another essential aspect to understand is Audible’s integration with Amazon Prime. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re in luck! This membership can give you free access to a rotating selection of more than 50 audiobooks. You can access these titles through Audible’s Channels feature. While this doesn’t provide the full benefits of Audible membership, it’s a great addition to the perks of being a Prime member.

So, there you have it: getting started with Audible is as simple as one, two, or three. Sign up, download the app on your preferred device, and enjoy the extra benefits if you’re an Amazon Prime member. The magic of audiobooks is just a few clicks away.

Let’s dive deeper into these steps to ensure your journey into the world of Audible is as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We’ll start by delving into the sign-up process, then discuss how to navigate device compatibility. Finally, we’ll talk about Audible’s integration with Amazon Prime and the benefits this brings to your audiobook experience. Ready to immerse yourself in this riveting world of stories? Let’s go!

The integration process is straightforward, inviting you to discover an enriching world of audiobooks, podcasts, and Audible originals. Here’s a detailed guide:

Step 1: Get the Audible App. The first step to integrating Audible with Amazon Prime is downloading the Audible app. It’s free across various platforms, including Apple Store and Google Play Store. Ensure that the developer is Audible, Inc.

Step 2: Sign in with Your Amazon Prime Account Open the Audible app and sign in using your Amazon Prime credentials – the same email address and password you use for Amazon Prime. It will open up a world of audio content curated for Prime members.

Step 3: Navigate to ‘Channels’ On the home screen of the Audible app, locate the “Channels” icon in the row at the bottom. This icon opens the “Channels for Prime” screen, dedicated to Amazon Prime members.

Step 4: Dive into Audiobook Collections. Scroll down on the Channels for Prime screen until you see “Audiobook Collections.” By clicking this, you open a realm of themed audiobook collections available as part of your Prime membership.

Step 5: Choose and Stream Your Book. Enter a collection that intrigues you. You’ll see a selection of books within that theme. Then, tap on a title to start streaming the audiobook. It’s that simple!

Amazon Prime’s integration with Audible can be an enticing benefit for occasional listeners, offering a taste of what Audible offers. An Audible subscription might be a consideration for those hungry for more, providing access to an even more extensive selection of audiobooks and exclusive content. Enjoy the sonic journey that the fusion of Amazon Prime and Audible offers, enhancing your leisure moments or transforming mundane tasks into fascinating explorations.

Using the Audible App

Whether you are an aspiring bookworm or a seasoned audio enthusiast, understanding how to navigate and use the Audible app will enhance your listening experience.

To help you embark on this auditory journey, we will guide you through the three crucial steps: Browsing and Purchasing Audiobooks, Listening to Audiobooks Offline, and Syncing Audible with Kindle. By the end of this guide, you will not only have mastered the app but will also be ready to immerse yourself in the world of spoken stories.

Browsing and Purchasing Audiobooks

Once you’ve downloaded the Audible app on your chosen device, you’ll be able to explore a wide range of genres, narrators, and lengths of books. To purchase an audiobook, tap on the cover, and you’ll see an option to buy it with an Audible credit or your preferred payment method. Ensure you read the synopsis and listen to the preview before purchasing to ensure it’s a story you’ll love. Remember, when you sign up, your first audiobook is free, a perfect opportunity to experiment with different types of audiobooks.

Listening to Audiobooks Offline

One of the fantastic features of the Audible app is the ability to download audiobooks for offline listening. This capability comes in handy during long flights, road trips, or any situation where you might be without reliable internet. To listen offline, tap on the audiobook cover in your library, and it will start downloading. Once the download is complete, you can listen to your book anytime, anywhere, without worrying about the internet connection.

Syncing Audible with Kindle

Integrating the worlds of Audible and Kindle can offer an enriched literary experience. This procedure will guide you on syncing your Audible audiobooks with your Kindle device, allowing you to switch effortlessly between reading and listening.

  1. Acquire the Right Tools

First and foremost, ensure that you have the necessary elements for the process. It includes a Kindle device, the Kindle application installed on your smartphone or tablet, and your Audible account linked with your Amazon account. Then, you’re all set for the next step if you have an audiobook on Audible and its Kindle counterpart.

  1. Combine your Audible and Amazon Accounts

You need to connect Audible and Amazon accounts for smooth synchronization. To do this:

  • Sign in to your Audible account on the Audible website.
  • Hover over your username at the page’s top-right corner, and click “Account Details” from the dropdown menu.
  • Select the option that says “Merge now.”
  • You must confirm your Audible account details and enter your Amazon information.
  • Follow the procedure, select a preferred payment method, and finish the process.

Note that post this, you should sign in using your Amazon credentials.

  1. Enabling Whispersync for Books

Whispersync is the Amazon technology that bridges Kindle and Audible. To enable it:

  • Go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page on Amazon.
  • Navigate to the Preferences tab.
  • In the Device Synchronization section, set Whispersync Device Synchronization to “ON.”
  1. Syncing your Audible with Kindle

With Whispersync enabled, it’s time to merge your Audible and Kindle experiences.

  • Open the Kindle app on your device and select the Kindle book you wish to sync with its Audible version.
  • Tap the screen to display the options at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Look for the headphone icon at the bottom of the screen and tap it. It will show you the Audible version of the book if one exists and belong to your account.
  • Tap on the Audible version to start listening from where you left off in the Kindle version.
  1. Enjoying the Synced Experience

With everything in place, you can seamlessly switch between reading your Kindle book and listening to the Audible audiobook. In addition, Kindle will remember where you left off, regardless of the format, enabling you to continue from the exact spot, either reading or listening. This synchronization is a boon for those who love immersing themselves in books in varied settings and moods.

Audible Original Series and Podcasts

Exploring the rich and diverse content of Audible Original Series and Podcasts can be an exhilarating journey. With unique and tailored content creation, Audible offers endless entertainment and intellectual stimulation.

Exclusive Content and Series

The heart of Audible lies in its commitment to producing exclusive content and series designed to engage, captivate, and inspire. These Audible Originals are exclusive audio titles created by master storytellers from various fields, such as literature, journalism, and theatre. In addition, they designed these pieces to be enjoyed solely on the Audible platform, adding a layer of exclusivity and prestige to the content.

A shining example of this is the acclaimed series “I Am Not Nicholas.” This unique narrative explores the complexities of identity and the human condition, proving to be a thrilling auditory experience. Similarly, “The Bias Diagnosis 2” provides valuable insights into the medical profession, showcasing the real-life experiences of frontline medical professionals.

Indeed, Audible Originals are more than just storytelling; they are immersive experiences that transport listeners into different worlds, stimulating their imagination and challenging their perspectives. So whether you’re interested in riveting thrillers, insightful biographies, or educational content, Audible’s exclusive content and series collection provides a unique listening experience.

Podcasts on Audible

Stepping into Podcasts on Audible opens up a new dimension of listening pleasure. Audible’s diverse podcast catalog caters to various interests and tastes. The content’s scope is extensive, from intellectually stimulating discussions and light-hearted comedy to engrossing authentic crime narratives.

Popular podcasts such as “Jack Whitehall’s Safe Space (Series 2)” and “The Graham Norton Book Club (series 4)” showcase Audible’s commitment to bringing high-quality, engaging content to listeners. These shows allow listeners to connect with their favorite personalities and thought leaders in a more intimate setting.

Moreover, the Audible app makes discovering and listening to these podcasts easy. Open the app, tap “Discover,” then tap “Podcasts,” and dive into the world of captivating auditory content.

In Audible Original Series and Podcasts, listeners can journey through a vast world of knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration. The beauty of this platform is its choice – you can pick content that reflects your mood, stirs your curiosity, or helps you unwind. And with new content added regularly, there’s always something new to explore on Audible.

Maximizing Your Audible Experience

You are immersing yourself in the world of Audible promises a journey filled with riveting tales, enlightening insights, and a plethora of knowledge. However, understanding how to optimize your Audible experience is vital to tapping into this potential fully. This guide outlines a few pivotal aspects:

  • Procuring free books on Audible
  • Sharing Audible books and accounts
  • Returning or exchanging audiobooks

These factors enrich your listening adventure and enable you to manage your account effectively.

How to Get Free Books on Audible?

The prospect of accessing Audible books for free certainly piques interest. This platform offers various avenues to explore literature without making a dent in your pocket. One such pathway is through Audible’s 30-day free trial, which provides a complimentary audiobook. Remember that even if you decide to cancel your trial, the free audiobook is yours to keep.

Furthermore, Audible offers special promotions and deals at regular intervals. Watch for these to snatch up on free or heavily discounted books. Audible Plus subscribers can also access free content from the Plus Catalog, which includes thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, and originals.

Sharing Audible Books and Accounts

Sharing is caring, and in the realm of Audible, it translates into an enriched listening experience. Therefore, audible has integrated features like “Family Library Sharing” and “Audible’s Send this Book” that allows you to share books with family members on the same Amazon account or with friends, respectively.

Another way to share is via the “Audible Sharing” feature, which allows you to share audiobook clips across different platforms. Remember, though, that account sharing should be within the terms of service to avoid any issues.

Returning and Exchanging Audiobooks

To ensure customer satisfaction, Audible offers a flexible return and exchange policy. If a book doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return or exchange it within 365 days of the purchase. This “Great Listen Guarantee” is accessible via your purchase history on the Audible website.

By navigating the complexities of these features, you can ensure an optimized and personalized Audible experience. From claiming free books to sharing engaging narratives with loved ones to exercising your right to return or exchange, these strategies allow you to extract the maximum value from your Audible journey. In the process, you’ll discover that Audible is more than just a platform—it’s a portal to a universe of stories.


What is Audible’s Quality and Format?

Here’s a table describing the different formats and their qualities:

Audible FormatBit RateAudio QualityFile Size
Format 28KbpsLow QualitySmall
Format 316KbpsMedium QualityMedium
Format 432KbpsHigh QualityLarge
Enhanced Format64KbpsSuperior QualityLarge
AAXVariableHigh QualityVery Large
Audible Format

The quality and format of Audible encompass a range of audio specifications to cater to various listener preferences. Audible provides content primarily in the AA and AAX formats. The AA format consists of three subsidiary formats based on different audio quality levels: Format 2 has a bit rate of 8Kbps, Format 3 has a bit rate of 16Kbps, and Format 4 has a bit rate of 32Kbps. AAX, on the other hand, is an MPEG-4 container that offers high-quality audio but larger file sizes. Additionally, Audible has two main formats: Enhanced and Format 4. Enhanced has a higher bitrate of 64Kbps, delivering superior audio quality, while Format 4, with a 32Kbps bitrate, caters to listeners who prefer smaller file sizes over audio quality. However, it is crucial to note that while Audible content is not directly downloadable as MP3 files, various methods exist to convert AA or AAX files into MP3 format.

What are the Best Devices for Audible Listening?

Determining the optimal devices for Audible listening involves several factors, such as device compatibility, personal preferences, and the desired level of portability. Audible is widely compatible, allowing users to listen on various devices.

  1. iOS Devices: iPhones, iPads, and iPods (including Touch and Classic) provide a high-quality listening experience. The Audible app is user-friendly and well-integrated into Apple’s ecosystem.
  2. Android Devices: Android phones and tablets also support the Audible app. Given the vast range of Android devices, users have an extensive variety based on their budget and brand preference.
  3. Kindle Devices: Kindle e-readers like the Paperwhite and Oasis (from the 8th Generation onwards) provide the ability to switch between reading and listening with the Audible narration feature.
  4. Amazon Echo Devices: For those who prefer a hands-free experience, Amazon’s Echo devices, powered by Alexa, offer a convenient method to play Audible content.
  5. MP3 Players: Certain MP3 players, like the iPod Classic, Sony Walkman, and AGPTEK MP3 Player, also support Audible playback.
  6. Computers: Windows and Mac allow Audible listening via a web browser or the Audible app.

The best device for Audible listening depends on the individual’s needs and lifestyle, including mobility, connectivity, and device ecosystem.

How to cancel Audible Membership?

Canceling an Audible membership involves navigating through the account settings on the Audible website. Firstly, log in to the Audible account using the correct credentials. Then, hover over the username at the top of the page and select “Account Details” from the dropdown menu. On the account details page, look for the option to “Cancel Membership” and click on it. A confirmation dialogue will appear asking to confirm the cancellation; select “Continue to cancel.” After successful cancellation, the Audible system will send a confirmation email to the associated email address. It’s important to note that cancellation must be made from a desktop browser, as the Audible app does not support membership cancellation. Also, Audible deletes any unused credits upon cancellation.

Why can’t I cancel my Audible membership?

You can’t cancel Audible memberships via the mobile app, do it only through the Audible website on a desktop Internet browser. Certain membership types, such as prepaid plans, can only be canceled and will run their course after expiry. Moreover, if you only delete the Audible app, this does not cancel your membership or delete your account. So always remember to sign in to your account on the Audible website and follow the steps to ensure you cancel the membership properly.

Do you lose your books if you cancel Audible?

Once you buy an audiobook, it remains accessible in your library, even after canceling the membership. The books bought using Audible credits or direct purchases are the user’s property and are not lost or removed when a subscription ends. However, any unused credits left in the account at the time of cancellation are forfeited.

Audible Alternatives and Competitors

In the vibrant world of audiobook services, many options have emerged to rival Audible, one of the industry’s pioneers. Services such as Scribd, Speechify, Chirp, LibriVox, Libby and OverDrive, Hoopla, Audiobooks.com, and Downpour, among others, provide robust alternatives, each with unique offerings and value propositions that cater to a variety of listener needs and preferences.

Kindle Unlimited

As we delve deeper into the landscape of Audible’s competitors, one name that stands out is Kindle Unlimited. This Amazon-owned service is more than just a platform for ebooks; it also features a rich library of audiobooks. For a monthly subscription fee, Kindle Unlimited provides access to over a million titles, including thousands of audiobooks. Users can enjoy exploring new authors and genres without worrying about individual purchase costs. It is an attractive alternative, especially for voracious readers and listeners who crave diversity and volume in their literary consumption. This service, integrated with Amazon’s ecosystem, makes it easy for users to switch between reading and listening, adding another layer of convenience and flexibility.

Comparing Audiobook Services

ServicePricing StructureSize of LibraryUnique Features
AudibleMonthly subscription420,000+Syncs with Kindle books, includes some podcasts
Kindle UnlimitedMonthly subscription1,000,000+Integrated with Amazon ecosystem, includes e-books
ScribdMonthly subscription500,000+Includes e-books, magazines, and documents
Audiobooks.comMonthly subscription250,000+Access to premium podcasts, ability to purchase additional credits
DownpourIndividual purchase & rental options, some subscription options80,000+DRM-Free option, provides MP3 CDs
LibriVoxFree15,000+Public domain books only, books read by volunteers
Libby/OverDriveFree with library membershipVaries by libraryAccess to e-books and magazines from local libraries
HooplaFree with library membershipVaries by libraryAlso includes music albums, movies, comics, and TV shows
ChirpIndividual purchase (no subscription required)N/AOffers limited-time deals on individual books
SpeechifyFree and paid plans availableN/AText-to-speech technology, can turn any text into audio
Apple BooksIndividual purchase (no subscription required)1,000,000+Integrated with Apple ecosystem, also includes e-books
Comparing Audiobook Services

When comparing these alternatives to Audible, several factors come into play. First, pricing is a primary consideration, with services like Audiobooks Now and Downpour adopting different pricing structures to appeal to budget-conscious consumers. In addition, some services like LibriVox offer free public domain audiobooks, making it an excellent option for those seeking no-cost solutions.

The size and diversity of the audiobook library are also crucial. While Audible boasts over 420,000 titles, Apple Books ups the ante with over a million offerings. In addition, some services, like Hoopla and Libby, leverage public libraries’ resources, thus providing a vast array of titles at minimal or no cost.

One must pay attention to each platform’s unique features and user experience. For instance, Scribd provides access to audiobooks, ebooks, magazines, and documents, providing a more holistic reading and listening experience. On the other hand, Chirp does not require a monthly subscription and offers deals on individual books instead, making it a unique proposition in the market.

Conclusion: Is Audible Worth It in 2024?

As an Amazon subsidiary, Audible will remain a powerhouse in the audiobook industry in 2024. With a rich library exceeding 400,000 titles, spanning diverse genres and unique Audible originals, it offers an immersive audio experience. Whether you’re a voracious reader or a busy professional seeking a productive pastime, Audible’s flexibility across devices and ownership of purchased content certainly bolsters its appeal. However, it’s worth exploring various alternatives to align your investment with audiobook consumption habits and preferences. Ultimately, Audible’s worth is rooted in the listener’s lifestyle and listening goals.


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