FedEx Package Not Moving? Solutions & Reasons Uncovered

The complexities of package delivery can often feel like unraveling a ball of string. One moment, your FedEx package is moving seamlessly across states. And the next, it seems rooted in place, going nowhere. But don’t fret; you’re not alone in this! There are reasons and resolutions to this predicament.

In this article, I’m eager to guide you through the ‘FedEx package not moving.’ Let’s see why it happens and sharing practical solutions to get your package on track. But first, let’s clarify what we mean by “FedEx Package Not Moving.”

What is the mean “FedEx Package Not Moving”?

This phrase refers to the plain halt in the progress of a package during Transit. Upon tracking, the package status doesn’t update. So, it is giving the impression that the package is stationary. The root causes vary. The package could get stuck in customs, the address could be incorrect or incomplete. Or severe weather could impact transport. It might seem unmoving, but it is actually in Transit between scanning points. Therefore, a ‘not moving’ status may only sometimes reflect a problem. The package status can remains unchanged even for an extended period. Then, contact FedEx customer service for clarification.

Frequency of Package Scans and Updates

FedEx package scans occur at several critical points from pickup to delivery. These scans update the tracking information. So, FedEx and their customer can check the shipment’s progress. Scanning includes capturing vital details like location, time, and the package’s current status.

However, it’s crucial to know that the frequency of these scans can vary. There might be extended periods, often over 24 hours, especially during long transit times. When your package is in a scanning queue that could make it appear stationary. You may look this even when package moving toward its destination.

These “silent” periods between scans are more common than you might think. It’s usually not a cause for concern. For example, FedEx’s tracking system operates in real-time. It updates whenever a package gets a scan turn. So, no scan doesn’t mean no movement.

The frequency of updates is also contingent on the package FedEx receives. Only when FedEx Courier picks it up from the sender does the tracking information reflect updates. It meaning the box is still at the sender’s location.

Remember, the scans are not just about tracking the package. They also serve as a vital tool for managing logistics. It also ensuring smooth and efficient delivery operations. So, knowing the frequency of FedEx package scans and updates can offer reassurance. Moreover, when your package appears to be “not moving.” It’s part of the delivery process.

The Meaning of ‘In Transit’ Status

When your FedEx package status shows ‘In Transit,’ your package is moving. So, it is in the lines of FedEx network en route to its final destination. This status doesn’t imply that your package is in a moving vehicle at that precise moment. Instead, it could be awaiting its next move at a FedEx facility or on a plane waiting to take off.

This part of your package’s journey can vary in duration. For example, the transit period within the contiguous U.S. spans 1–5 business days. While shipping to and from Alaska and Hawaii could need 3–7 business days. These timelines, however, could be subject to unforeseen transit or customs delays.

A point to note during the ‘In Transit’ phase is your package’s seeming lack of movement. The absence of regular updates may lead you to believe your package is not moving. But, rest assured that this is a common occurrence. It reflects the gaps between scans while the package moves toward its destination. Even if no new scans exist, your package is likely still ‘In Transit.’

When you see the ‘In Transit’ status, you can expect your package will arrives on time. With the assumption there are no unexpected delays. During this phase, your package moves from one FedEx facility to another. It moving ever closer to the designated delivery address.

Common Reasons Behind ‘FedEx Package Not Moving’

When waiting for an anticipated FedEx package, seeing the status as ‘in transit’ can be nerve-wracking. It may feel like your package isn’t moving. But, legitimate explanations exist for this occurrence. These reasons may help you better understand why your box might appear stagnant.

Transit Delays and Their Causes

There’s an extensive network of processes and logistics behind the package smooth transition. When a FedEx package is ‘in transit,’ it signifies it’s journeying through this complex system. However, unforeseen circumstances and various factors can cause transit delays. It leading to your package seemingly not moving.

One prominent cause of transit delays is weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions can hinder the packages movement. The conditions like storms, heavy snowfall, or floods can cause significant delays. These conditions can lead FedEx to hold up your package in a warehouse or a sorting center. The package will continue moving after conditions get better.

Customs clearance is another potential factor that might cause package status ‘in transit.’ This is for an international package that dmust clear customs before delivery. This process can take time, particularly if there needs to be more paperwork.

In some cases, issues with the package itself can lead to delays. It includes scenarios where the seller or your friend packs it improperly. Or it contains restricted items, or the delivery address is incorrect.

Why FedEx Might Not Be Updating Your Package’s Status

FedEx scans your package at various stages of the shipping process to update its status. However, there might be periods during Transit when the system monitor your package. It making the package seem like it needs to move. It usually happens when your parcel is on a long-haul journey or between scanning points. The weekends or holidays may can force scanning frequencies decrease.

Technical issues or glitches with the tracking system can delay the updating status. Remember, tracking systems aren’t infallible. There might be occasions where they fail to reflect real-time status updates.

When a FedEx Package is Stuck in Transit: Possible Explanations

Sometimes, a FedEx package might be ‘stuck’ in Transit, resulting in no movement updates. That can be due to various reasons, like the logistical issues at sorting facilities. Then, an increased package volumes during peak holidays. Or unexpected situations like a vehicle breakdown.

Packages can also be ‘stuck’ due to more severe issues like lost or misplaced packages. For example, if the box has yet to be scanned for a prolonged period, it could be lost within the FedEx network. But, this is a rare occurrence. FedEx has robust protocols to deal with such situations.

Patience is often crucial in these scenarios. But, if your package’s status remains unchanged for an extended period. Then, you have concerns about it being lost or stuck, contact FedEx customer service. They will provide more specific information about your package’s status.

Solutions for ‘FedEx Package Not Moving’

What to Do if Your FedEx Package Isn’t Moving

We’ve all been there; we check our tracking number, only to find that our FedEx package is stalled along its route. While it’s a frustrating situation to be in, there are steps you can take to address it. Firstly, consider the possibility that the package is moving but still in the scanning queue. FedEx often scans packages at major points in the transit process. So, there may be periods when it seems like your package isn’t moving when it’s still making its way to you.

If you suspect your package is not moving, taking action’s essential. Start by checking the detailed tracking code on the FedEx website or mobile app. It will show the package positions at a particular location or has yet to be scanned recently.

Contacting FedEx About a Package Stuck in Transit

If your package remains unmoving after some time, the next step is to contact FedEx. Ensure your tracking code is handy or ready. It help the customer service representative locate your package in their checking system. While discussing your concerns, be clear but courteous. Ask for clarification on why your package seems stuck. Also request a reasonable timeframe within which you should expect action again.

Contact the sender or merchant if FedEx cannot provide satisfactory answers or solutions. It depends on what items you’re waiting for. Also the regulations or legal requirements regarding the items transportation. It might need to be noticed or breached.

Can You Speed Up a FedEx Delivery in Transit?

It’s a common question: once a package is in Transit, can its delivery be expedited? Unfortunately, the answer is generally no. FedEx only sometimes accommodates requests to speed up a delivery already in Transit. The company has processes and systems to ensure that all packages are delivered. Changing one package’s route or delivery speed could disrupt the entire operation.

However, to avoid this scenario, consider opting for FedEx’s expedited shipping services. FedEx has a Priority or Express Overnight service, for your future shipments. These services offer guaranteed shipping times. It can help ensure your package arrives within your desired timeframe.

Moreover, to streamline your shipping process, FedEx offers the ShipManager software. This tool allows you to track your order from when it’s shipped until delivered. It giving you more control and peace of mind over your shipments.

When to Consider a FedEx Package Lost

If any FedEx package is lost, it is a significant concern for both senders and recipients. It can be a stressful experience when boxes seem to disappear in Transit. Here to know that specific procedures and timelines are in place to help you navigate such situations.

First, we must discuss how long FedEx keeps packages in Transit.

How Long Does FedEx Keep Packages in Transit?

Generally, FedEx does not have a specific period when it keeps packages in Transit. The transit period varies depending on the service used, the origin of the box, and its destination. For example, FedEx Express can deliver packages within 1-3 business days. While FedEx Ground might take between 1-7 business days domestically. But, delays can occasionally occur due to some factors. That’s like weather conditions, logistical issues, or customs inspections for international shipments.

During the transit period, FedEx provides real-time tracking information. It enabling you to track the progress of your shipment. This tracking data can be a helpful in identifying potential delivery issues. A rare issue such as extended periods without a location scan. This could indicate that your package might be lost.

Let’s look at the timeline for determining when a FedEx package is considered lost.

How Long Before a FedEx Package Is Considered Lost?

A package gets lost once a certain amount of time has passed without delivery confirmation. Therefore, you may wonder if your FedEx package is lost? After an extended period without any updates or delivery confirmation. So, here the details!

The timeline varies depending on the shipping method and the package’s specifics. Generally, FedEx may declare the box lost with at least two conditions. First, if the package hasn’t been delivered. Then, if there hasn’t been any scanning activity for three days. In this case, a “tracer” can be requested. After that, FedEx conducted an internal investigation to locate the package. If they don’t find it within three additional days, the shipper can claim the missing package.

FedEx allows claims for lost shipments to be filed within nine months of the shipment date. And for damaged or missing contents must be filed no later than 60 calendar days from the shipment date. That’s for U.S. packages or local operation. For international packages, 21 calendar days from the shipment date.

Picking up a Package in Transit

The world of shipping and delivery can sometimes be unpredictable. That’s why having a flexible options for package delivery is essential. One such opportunity involves picking up your package while in Transit. It effectively altering its route to meet your needs. It could be particularly beneficial if you are away during the delivery hours. Or if you wish to get the package faster than initially scheduled.

Can I Pick up My Package from FedEx if it’s in Transit?

Yes, you indeed can! FedEx offers a convenient service known as “Hold at Location.” This service enables you to pick up your package from a FedEx location even while it’s still in Transit. This service provides flexibility and peace of mind for customers.

To use this service, you’ll need to track your package using the tracking code for delivery. Enter this number on FedEx’s online tracking service or call 1-800-463-3339. Once FedEx confirm your package in Transit, you can request to hold it at a nearby FedEx location. The beauty of this service is that you don’t have to wait for a delivery attempt. You can make this request as soon as the package is en route.

Remember, this service is subject to specific terms and conditions. It’s important to note that not all packages are eligible for the Hold at Location service. Furthermore, packages must be picked up within a specific timeframe (five business days). If not, then FedEx will return it to the sender.

Always bring a valid government-issued photo ID when picking up your package. The name on the ID must match the recipient’s name on the package. Additionally, make sure you have the tracking number with you. This number is vital as it is proof of your shipment and allows FedEx staff to locate your package quickly.


Why is my FedEx package not moving for a Week?

If your FedEx package has stayed the same for a week, it could be due to various reasons. Some Factors like weather conditions, technical issues, customs clearance, or unsuccessful delivery attempts. It’s advisable to verify the delivery address you provided for any inaccuracies. You can also call FedEx Delivery Manager to get the most up-to-date about your package.

If there’s no update, contact FedEx customer service at 1-800-463-3339. Then provide your tracking number for further assistance. They can provide insights into the package’s location and the cause of delay. Lastly, if your package is declared lost or damaged, you may be eligible to file a claim with FedEx.


A ‘not moving’ status is a phase in the journey, not a cause for alarm. You gain control over your deliveries by knowing when and how to take action. Like opting for FedEx’s Hold at Location service. Patience is key, also understanding the holistic delivery process is a must. Use the available options will ensure a smooth and convenient delivery experience.


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