Does DHL Knock on The Door? Updated Answer

Are you curious about what happens when your package is delivered to your doorstep by DHL? Do you want to know if DHL knocks on doors or not? In this article, we will provide the inside scoop on DHL’s doorstep delivery. So you can better understand what to expect.

DHL Delivery: Knocking On Doors or Not?

DHL drivers knock on the door while making deliveries. But, customers can choose a designated delivery location for their packages. So with this method, they will not ring the doorbell or knocking the door. In light of recent changes to focus on contactless delivery. The courier may leave the box at the doorstep or a safe location specified by the customer. However, in cases where a signature is required, the courier will ring the doorbell. Customers will receive a successful delivery notice through a digital notification. Customers can register on the DHL website to specify a delivery preference.

Understanding DHL’s Delivery Procedures

DHL is one of the largest logistics companies in the world. They are delivering packages to millions of people every day in over 220 countries. However, many people need clarification about the delivery process. DHL’s delivery process typically involves the following:

  • Attempting to deliver the package to the recipient.
  • Leaving a notice if no one is home.
  • Trying to give the next day again.

DHL may hold it at a local facility for pickup. They will return it to the sender or if the package fails for delivery after several attempts.

What Happens When DHL Attempts Delivery?

The courier will try one or more times to deliver the shipment to the address indicated on the airway bill. The number of delivery re-tries may vary depending on the city or country. Check with the local DHL office for more information. Suppose no one is present at the delivery address during the delivery attempt. In that case, the courier will leave a card indicating that the package is available at a DHL sorting center. Customers who miss a delivery can arrange for redelivery via the DHL website.

In some cases, DHL may attempt contactless delivery. They will leave the package at the doorstep or in a safe place designated by the customer. The courier will ring the doorbell to request a signature if required. In addition, DHL may contact the customer to arrange delivery.

What To Do When You’re Not Home for Delivery?

Suppose you are absent at the delivery address during the delivery time. In that case, courier will attempt to contact you to arrange a new delivery time. The other option is leaving a note at your doorstep. The note is about instructions on arranging redelivery or picking up the package. Sometimes, the courier will deliver the box to a nearby location, such as a neighbor or parcel shop. Therefore, watch your package’s delivery status and provide an accessible delivery address. Some delivery services may offer options for changing the delivery time or location.

Dealing with DHL’s Attempted Delivery Notice

A notice from DHL indicating an attempted delivery. If you receive it, the meaning driver cannot deliver your package. Typically, the driver will make another delivery attempt the next business day. If you are still away, the driver will leave a note on arranging a future delivery or pickup. To arrange redelivery, you can do so through the DHL website. If you miss the second delivery attempt, DHL will place the shipment on hold and try to contact you. If you believe DHL lied about attempting to deliver, call their customer service.

DHL Claims They Attempted Delivery, But You Were Home

If DHL Express claims to have attempted delivery, but you were home and did not receive the package. Then you may need to raise a complaint with their customer service. To do this, you can call their hotline. Provide the details of the situation, including your Airwaybill number. Their representative will investigate and research the matter and push for package delivery. Note that DHL makes two delivery attempts before placing a shipment on hold. o you may still receive the box soon.

What Happens When DHL Marks Your Package as Out for Delivery but Doesn’t Deliver?

When a package is marked as “Out for Delivery” by DHL, it is in its final step of being delivered to the recipient. This status indicates that the package is in the hands of a courier and is en route to its final destination. Usually, a packet reaches the “Out for Delivery” stage on or near its expected delivery date. Which means the DHL courier will deliver that day. However, there are cases when a package marked as “Out for Delivery.” It might not be shown on the scheduled date. This is due to various reasons such as delivery exceptions, misdeliveries, or issues with the address. In such cases, contact DHL’s customer service. Inquire about the package’s status and resolve problems.

Where Does Your Package Go When You’re Not Home for DHL Delivery?

If you are away for a DHL delivery, the courier will leave a missed delivery card in your mailbox. You have five business days to collect your package from the location indicated on the card. DHL will return the package to the sender if you do not collect your parcel in time. Sometimes, courier may attempt to deliver the box again. It is depending on the delivery service agreement and the recipient’s address. You can also arrange redelivery via the DHL website by providing the tracking number from your dispatch email. If you are unavailable during delivery, consider delivering the package to a DHL ServicePoint or a pack station.

Timing and Tracking Your DHL Package

Tracking your DHL package has always been challenging. However, with various tools and platforms available make it ease to track progress. And get real-time updates on its delivery status. Whether using the DHL Express Mobile app, MyDHL+, or any other platform. Customer can get the most up-to-date information about package.

The DHL Express Mobile app lets you manage your deliveries and track your shipments all in one place. The app also lets you locate the nearest DHL Service Point for your convenience. In addition, ship24 and TrackingMore are great real-time platforms for tracking shipments.

MyDHL+ is a convenient platform for tracking your DHL Express shipments. You can monitor your shipments, view delivery status, and provide proof of delivery. You can also receive notifications and send them directly from the platform.

Determining DHL’s Delivery Schedule in Your Area

The delivery schedule for DHL packages depends on the location and the service speed. In the US, delivery times for DHL packages range from 2-8 business days. For domestic shipments in Germany, delivery usually takes 1-2 business days. While international shipments can take 1-2 weeks. The delivery hours for DHL are from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. The precise delivery times may vary. Customers can choose the delivery options that best suit their needs with the DHL On Demand Delivery service. Track the shipment’s status and estimated delivery date online for easy monitoring. If a package has yet to arrive, it is because it was outside the delivery hours or when no one was available to receive it. Customers can arrange a redelivery or visit a DHL Service Point location to track their parcel.

Understanding DHL’s Parcel Collection and Depot Status Updates

DHL Parcel Collection and Depot Status Updates refer to the tracking information. This is from DHL for shipments sent using their eCommerce Solutions. Customers can use various resources. The most accurate is the DHL website and their customer service. The third-party package trackers also provided the data. This to track the status of their shipments. And learn more about the different situations they may encounter. Here are the complete status and their meanings:

DHL StatusMeaning
Package information receivedDHL has received information about the package and it is in the process of being registered
Shipment information receivedDHL has received information about the shipment and it is in the process of being registered
Package acceptedThe package has been accepted by DHL and is ready for transit
Shipment acceptedThe shipment has been accepted by DHL and is ready for transit
Arrived at sort facilityThe package has arrived at a DHL sorting facility and is in the process of being sorted and routed to its final destination
Departed sort facilityThe package has left the sorting facility and is in transit to the next destination
In transitThe package is in transit and on its way to the next destination
Out for deliveryThe package is ready for delivery and is in the possession of the delivery driver
Delivery exceptionAn issue has arisen during delivery, such as an incorrect address or the recipient being unavailable
DeliveredThe package has been successfully delivered to the recipient
DHL Status

Knowing DHL’s Working Days and Delivery Timing Expectations

DHL operates during regular business hours, typically from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The delivery times for DHL vary depending on the destination and type of service. But it ranges from 2-8 business days for domestic deliveries in the US. For international shipments, delivery can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. In addition, customers can request special weekend deliveries for urgent deliveries. The delivery times may also depend on the parcel size and location. DHL Express is the fastest possible parcel delivery service offered by DHL. The working hours of DHL personnel are Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

How can I track my DHL package without a tracking number?

If you do not have a tracking number for your DHL package, reach out to the shipper for more information. However, if you may can use other reference numbers, such as from DHL Express or DHL Freight. These may be used to track your package through their tracking systems. In addition, you can use their website, mobile app, email, or phone to track your DHL shipment. It is important to note that a tracking number is typically required to follow a DHL shipment.

Signature Requirements and Delivery Options

By default, all DHL Express deliveries require a signature upon delivery. This is to make acknowledge receipt of the shipment. However, customers can authorize the delivery without a signature. through DHL’s “No Signature Required” service. This service allows DHL to complete delivery without obtaining a signature from the recipient. Additionally, DHL offers a “Signature Release” option. This service allowing customers to allow delivery with an electronic signature before delivery.

Customers can request DHL to get a direct signature, especially for sensitive or high-value items. In this case, DHL will ensure that the consignment is not redirected or delivered to an alternative address.

Customers can also choose the “On Demand Delivery Management” service. Which provides options for how, when, and where a shipment is delivered. In addition, this service has a feature to deliver without a signature.

For package security, some high-value items may still require a signature. Even if the customer removes the signature requirement. The option for a signature release or no signature required may also vary. This is depending on the location and the local regulations.

DHL’s Policy on Leaving Packages at the Door

The delivery policy of DHL regarding leaving packages at the door varies. This based on the shipment and the courier’s determination of the location’s safety. If the shipment is authorized, the courier will take a photo capturing your package at the front of the door. This is to document the delivery and as prove of item delivered.

If the recipient prefers to receive the shipment physically, they can leave a note on their door. Give instruction to the courier not to leave the package. The recipient can also opt for signature release, allowing the courier to deliver the shipment without a signature. If the recipient is not at home during the delivery, they can change the delivery date or address. Instruct the courier to leave the package with a neighbor or doorkeeper, or leave it at the door.

Does DHL Call Before Delivery?

DHL does not have a standard policy of calling its customers before delivery. However, DHL does offer a “You’re Next” notification that the recipient can select on the day of delivery. This notification will alert the recipient that the driver is on their way, typically 5-15 minutes before the delivery. Activate this option from the link on the 1-hour delivery window notification or by visiting the “Track a Parcel” area on the DHL website.

How Does DHL Ensure Safe Delivery of Your Package

DHL takes various measures to ensure the safe and secure delivery of packages. Terminal security has full security options through security cages, access control, and cameras. Line haul security has anti-slash curtains or box trailers. The company also provides shipment value protection. Which protects against physical loss or damage of goods during transportation. Additionally, DHL offers contactless delivery. This is ensuring the recipient and their customers have high safety.

The company operates a loose load and cage transfer operation for larger parcels. They also provide guidelines on how to pack a package safely. The DHL courier network monitors all shipments through its tracking system. These making DHL dependable. Then, The company provides photographic proof of delivery. Customer can access it through customer dashboard or official app.

Should You Authorize Signature-Free Delivery with DHL?

When receiving a delivery, a signature is typically not required. However, if you are ordering and shipping high value items, request a signature. This is to ensure that the package comes into the right hands. Also, obtaining a signature confirms the completion of the delivery service. It provides an extra layer of security for valuable items.

How to Know if Your DHL Package Requires a Signature?

All DHL Express deliveries need a signature upon delivery. However, customers can authorize the delivery without a signature. This is allowing DHL to complete the delivery. Or leave the shipment in a designated place without obtaining a signature. To determine if a specific DHL package requires a signature, check the delivery options selected during shipping.

What Happens if Your Package Needs a Signature and You’re Not Home?

For this case, the DHL courier will attempt to deliver it the next workday. If you miss the second delivery attempt. But if it fails again, you can collect the package at a DHL location. Follow their instructions on the DHL card and the Track & Trace page. If the recipient of a package wants to opt for a receipt without a signature, the signature release option is available. The DHL On Demand Delivery service allows customers to choose how, when, and where they want their shipment delivered. This is including having it delivered without a signature.

Partner Carriers and Delivery Transfers

DHL also provides delivery services worldwide through its partnerships with various carriers. In the United States, DHL works with the USPS. This to handle the final delivery to customers’ homes, businesses, or Post Office Boxes in 2 to 4 business days. In addition, the customer can track the shipment using a USPS tracking number.

DHL also partners with FedEx Smart Post for delivery transfers. They have a network of over 220 postal providers globally to deliver shipments on its behalf. In addition, the company offers businesses a range of services.

DHL is the official logistics partner for various global events and initiatives. They are providing transportation, connecting, and improving services for its customers.

Common Delivery Issues and Concerns

What to Do When DHL Claims Delivery but You Haven’t Received Your Package?

The first step is to contact DHL customer service. You can do this by calling 1-800-888-388. Give your Airway bill number and details about your non-delivery. DHL uses extensive tracking information to locate packages. And they should be able to trace your shipment and determine what happened to it. You should complete a claim with DHL if the shipment is lost. The claims process will depend on the nature of the issue. If the shipment is lost, consider filing an insurance claim to cover the lost package’s value.

Understanding DHL’s End-of-Day Delivery Timing

DHL’s end-of-day delivery timing is 6:00 PM. However, this timing is not guaranteed, and the delivery time may be earlier or later. Delivery times may also vary based on the parcel size and delivery location. DHL delivery hours usually range from Monday to Friday, between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM. Track your shipment using the tracking number for a more accurate delivery time.


DHL drivers knock on doors during delivery. But customers can choose a designated delivery location for their packages. So they will deliver without ringing or knocking. If no one is present during delivery, the courier will leave a card. This is indicating that the package is available at a DHL sorting center. The courier will ring the doorbell to request a signature if required.


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